Whether you are a girl or a lady or a mid-aged woman or of any age, whether you are aware of your own style or not, you wear heels.

From school girls to octogenarian woman, High Heels are also most preferable fashion item and before you choose yours, get to know every single details to be just perfect in looks and fashion. Even men are too in it up to some extent.

How To Walk In High Heels

A few most important points you must not forget to walk in High Heels.

1. For the newer person, it should be started with 2-3inches at the beginning and then slowly and gradually moving towards more length of 5-6inches heels. If you are absolutely new at this, this is the best option because if you choose highest lengths at first, not just only uncomfortable walks but slip off and injury can happen also. So take your time and move slowly.

Medium Heels with 2-3 inches

medium heels with 2 3 inches


2. Walk slowly if you are very new in trying high heels. It will give you the highest safety. Though high heels not all recommended for fast walk or running, still experts can walk in a very steady manner with it but for the newer, its suggested to have a moderate rhythm.

Initially Walk Slowly with heels

initially walk slowly with heels e1460365303933


3. Try to choose wider platform for you at the very beginning. Pointed heels are also very good but if you are sure enough to handle that easily from the very first day. Or else wider platform is the best option just to avoid cracks, twist and fall, injury and so.

Walk with heels in wider platform

walk with heels in wider paltform

4. One of the best suggestion for all is that, before trying heels on road, try it at your home. Where you can face your trouble in walking with heels with no danger which you can easily face on road and can be very harmful, even fatal also.

Walking with heel on carpet

walking with heel on carpet


5. Both your feet and the floor or road are kind of same plane and parallel and you are accustomed to walk placing your entire feet touching the plane. Now as you are moving into a different style, be aware always, not just in the beginning but through out.

Careful with ankle walking with heels

carefull with ankle walking with heels


7. A few thing like driving, dancing etc. are not recommended in the very beginning of your walk in heels time. These things take really long time to get used to. Don’t loose patience but have gentle and regular practice with your heels to be comfortable in all these situations.

Dancing with heels not good initially

dancing with heels not good initially


8. At the beginning if you are wearing high heels for a long time, take it off when ever it’s possible and give your feet and the muscles and the calf muscles a good rest to avoid pain and tissue injury. A good rest will make you ready to wear and carry it again well.

Wearing Heels for long hours without hurting your feet

wearing heels for long hours without hurting your feet


9. When you are trying heels and guessing what will be the best height for you, try like this. If wearing heels, if you are able stand firmly, it’s okay. But if you need to bend your knees to stand up, try some lower heels for the first. It will help you to develop the art gradually.

Lower heels for beginners

lower heels for beginners


10. One of the most important thing to keep in mind for them who are to walk in high heels is to take shorter steps than normal to get more safe, comfortable and balance walk with heels and low risk to get any kind of mishap. You can use strapped heels also in the beginning.

Walk in high heels is to take shorter steps

walk in high heels is to take shorter steps


Attractive Red High Heels

The colour of love and passion, Red, is so appropriate and catchy to be used in high heels. Comes in both glossy and matt finish with different coloured lining to add more gorgeous looks in it. Goes with so many colours of dresses and has multi purpose use in occasions like wedding, parties and all.

Catch All Eyes With High Heel Shoes

High heel shoes are absolutely the mark of fashion and style to get all attractions towards you if you carry it well and choose the right one for right events. And it’s not so difficult to get to know about these. Now-a-days hundreds of designs, colors and all are available to add exclusive looks upon you with high heel shoes.

Beautiful High heel shoes

beautiful hig heel shoes


Vibrant blue color high heel shoes

vibrant blue color high heel shoes


Exclusive High Heel Boots To Look Sexy

Doesn’t matter who says what or not, high heel boots are there to add spicy looks upon you. Especially compatible with both jeans and short or knee length skirts and other fancy dresses and be sure that these kind of boots will enhance the beauty of your dresses also. Appreciable at parties, outings and all.

Universal Appeal Of Black High Heels

Black is a universal color and allowed over anywhere, at any places. You can wear it anywhere starting from office to parties like birthday occasions, prom parties and all. And moreover, black is the colour to go along with any colour dresses.

Ravishing Black High heels

ravishing black high heels


Stunning Black high heels

stunning black high heels e1460371495489


Amazing High Heels For Kids

Agreed or not, kids now-a-days are more fashion conscious than young people. And several world leading brand, keeping that in mind are here to bring kids’ special high heels in market. All new designs for them will add some more color to their dressings to be happy to go at birthday parties, family gatherings, school functions and all.

Fashion Kids High Heels

fashion kids high heels


High heels for children a step too far

high heels for children a step too far


Glossy Silver High Heels To Shine Yourself

Always shines, silver is the colour you can choose for your high heels to get a glossy and sexy look and catch other peoples’ eyes at prom parties and all. You can wear it in office parties also and can shine more than others.

Sophisticated White High Heels To Look Exquisite

White is such a sophisticated colour that you can use for any purpose, even in case of high heel colour also. Choose your own white heels in glossy or matt finish to add some classy looks to your style and go up to any kind of event and occasion as white is universal and accepted anywhere.

White high heels looks elegant

white high heels looks elegant


Designed white high heels

designed white high heels


Sparkling Gold High Heels To State You Style

Are you a party lover? If yes and love dress in all new ways every time on your arrival, your collection of shoes must have a pair of golden high heels as it is too trendy, glossy, eye catching, fashionable enough to not only shine itself but to add more gloss and colour to your dress and personality.

Glittering gold color high heels

glitaring gold color high heels


Cool Colored Blue High Heels

Not so much seen, blue high heels can be added to your collection for its rare cool looks, classy outfits, and it goes with light coloured dresses very well and you can wear it for both formal and informal events. Mainly glossy, but you can find matt finises also.

Vibrant blue heels high

vibrant blue heels high


The Girlish Look Of Pink High Heels

Yeah, pink is treated as mainly colours for girls and babies. And if you are a pink lover and crave for anything and everything to come pink in colour, your high heels will not be any exception as cool, stylish, fashionable, classy pink high heels are here to meet your taste.

Girly pink high heels

girly pink high heels


High Heel For Men To Look Smart And Dashing

Men are not so rare seen now-a-days opting for high heel. Old days are gone when men used to wear high heel only in case of jungle safari or trekking. In today’s world, men wear different high heel for both formal and informal purposes and these shoes come in both leather and fancy materials to meet your requirements.

Masculine styled heels for men

masculine styled heels for men


New fashion trends high heels for men

new fashion trends high heels for men


High Heel For Women Of Any Age

Doesn’t matter what’s your age, women of all ages from teen to veteran, use high heels of different kind like flat high heels, pointed high heels and all. Even different aged person, for different purposes, so many varieties are available to get the best suitable for her. You have to choose yours and wear it and carry it carefully to look attractive amongst all.

High heels for teen and young

high heels for teen and young


High heels red for all ages women

high heels red for all ages women


Get A Off-Bit Collection Of Purple High Heels

In case of shoes, purple is not so seen and in case of high heels too. So if you are a kind of person to experiment with your outfits and fashion, you can opt for purple high heels and add a new taste of style upon you.

Purple crystal designed high heels

purple crystal designed high heels


Casual purple high heels

casual puple high heels


Make People Gaze At You With Knee High Gladiator Heels

Mostly goes with knee length skirts and all, knee high gladiator heels are so fashionable that these are high in demand in all countries and you can experiment with your style with these. Frankly speaking, these kind of heels are so attractive that, not only other people but you yourself will not be able to gaze at yourself.

Knee high gladiator black heels

knee high gladiator black heels e1460374061514


Designed knee high heels

designed knee high heels e1460374163658


Get A Macho Looks With Thigh High Heels

Macho looks are not only for men now-a-days. Girls can try this too upon them with a little bit of change in outfits and thigh high heels are the best item to support that look to make a change in your personality before others. It has a versatile usage also.

Black thigh high heels

black thigh high heels


Elegant thigh high heels

elegant thigh high heels


Look Like An Angel With Sparkly High Heel

Do you love fairly tales and also want to have a make over like that? Sparkly high heels are the best to support your that kind of look. Different studded designs with multi-colour will surely meet your taste.

Lady crystal platforms sparkle silver font

lady crystal platforms sparkle silver font


Sparkled design high heels

sparkled design high heels


Starting from Pumps to Stilettos, Ankle straps to Wedge Heels, Platform to Sling Back, Cork High to Peep Toe, you have innumerable designs to choose your very own favourable shoe and choose the best colour for you. Add a new dimension to your look with such global trending fashion and feel happy from inside also.

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