Emo hairstyles resemble the hairstyles of emoticons. The emo hairstyles with a bang on one side or both sides are a very popular hairstyle. The front bang and layering of hair is also trendy these days. The emo hairstyle is normally thick on the top and is thin on the edges. The hair is straightened and the preferred colors are thick black, blondes and florescent colors. These hairstyles are very trendy now and lots of young men and women are going for an emo haircut. Especially the short hairstyles are really popular among young men.You may also See Quiff Hairstyles

Choppy Emo haircut For Guys

choppy emo haircut for guys


The choppy emo haircut with highlights of purple and pink make is cool. The choppy hair brushed to fall on the front and sides is looking stylish and the color highlights make a statement.

This long emo curly hair is rocking. His long hair which is soft and wavy is brushed to the front to fall on his forehead and onto the sides of his face. It gives a romantic look and yet very trendy. Guys with long hair! try out this hairstyle to look your best!

This spiky emo hairstyle with bangs of hair on the front and sides colored in light and dark blonde is the in-thing. Be it the Korean boy bands or the cute guy next door, everyone is sporting this style!

This handsome young man with his layered emo hair is ready to kill with his looks. In layered emo hair style, he has brushed his hair onto the forehead on both sides. He highlighted his hair with a golden color to give a special touch to the hairstyle. Boys! Try this hairstyle to look cool!

This emo scene hairstyle with hair brushed to sides covering the forehead, adding a touch of red to the hair bangs make him look trendy. The hairstyle with the matching accessories makes him look like a pop singer. You may also See Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

The wavy emo hairstyle with his hair resembling waves and brushed sideways on to the forehead looks super cool and romantic.  Try out this hairstyle to impress your girlfriends!

This young man here looks confident in his emo hairstyle. This hairstyle has a side band with blonde hair color. This messy emo hairstyle on short hair makes him look trendy and refreshing.

This messy emo hairstyle gives is the effortless look we always talk about! It says a lot about the personal style and will definitely impress someone.
This style with the hair brushed to the front makes him look soft and trendy.
The men’s hairstyles keep changing all the time and it is always good to change a hairstyle as it gives a refreshing look.

Cute Emo Hairstyle for Men

cute emo hairstyle for men


The change in the hairstyle is the first thing which will be noticed, so anyone trying out for a new look or makeover should try out these trendy hairstyles. The emo hairstyles are trendy now and everyone is going out for this. The men’s undercut hairstyle and frizzy hairstyles are also trendy along with emo hairstyle.

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