Eye makeup becomes very significant whenever you are getting ready for a new occasion or a ceremonial. It is routine for almost every woman. In such cases, the cool eye makeup is the perfect solution for you. You’ll no longer have to get surprised what eye makeup you’re wearing out. Consider yourself covered with these below looks.

Taylor Swift Cool Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

taylor swift cool eye makeup for blue eyes

Cool eye makeup has no such certain explanations. If you wish to go simple then cool eye makeup for blue eyes is appropriate for you. The specialty of the new drift of cool eye makes up lies in the mixtures of different colors.

Vanessa Hudens Silver Eye Makeup

vanessa hudens silver eye makeup

Vanessa Hudens Silver Eye Makeup truly improves the beauty of the eye and makes the eye pop. Both the skin tone and the color of your eyes will determine the colors of silver eye shadow that will work best for you. Make your eye look brighter with this amazing eye makeup

Oliva Wilde Cool Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

oliva wilde cool eye makeup for green eyes

Green eyes are found to be rare and are not like blue or brown eyes, they are truly different and beautiful. So if you have a lighter shade of skin like Oliva Wilde than go with the cool eye makeup. Use a Black color pencil to define your eyes.

Emma Stone Cool Pink Eye Makeup

emma stone cool pink eye makeup

Cool pink eye makeup has been a hot trend for a while, especially in party trends. This season thinks chic and sweet instead of shabby and wild. So girls If he likes girls that are sweet and soft, go for Emma stone cool pink eye makeup look. Something soft and pretty would surely work.

Rihanna Cool Winged Eye Makeup

rihanna cool winged eye makeup

Make your eye appearance, smooth and shiny like Rihanna Cool winged eye makeup. As this winged eye makeup is very trendy and one of the most popular eye makeup trend at present. To sum up, grab a good eyeshadow base like MAC Paint, Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream or MAC Paint Pot. You can also use a concealer, makeup product so the eyeshadow has something to adhere to.

Dianna Agron Cool Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

dianna agron cool eye makeup for brown eyes

The best thing about brown eyes is the variety of colors that will enrich your eyes. To improve the natural beauty of those stunning and gorgeous brown eyes, you must bring them out a little more by using cool eye makeup shades. For the ‘Diamma Agron’ look get out of the brown eye makeup rut and experiment with some cool colors.

Cool Green Eye Makeup

cool green eye makeup


Green eyeshadow is the best way to bring attention to the eyes. The overall rule for using green eyeshadow is that people with light skin tone must go for lighter shades while those with darker or medium skin tones can go for darker shades. Consider using black eyeliner or mascara. They are a great way to make your eyes look brighter while wearing green eyeshadow.

In any case, you could wear your regular makeup, or you could try something different then the eye makeup is the toughest to do so. If you have warm skin tones go for cool turquoise eye makeup as the main eye shadow color Finish off with mascara. Making it clump free is tricky.

Cool eye shadow can really do wonders for your eyes. It can enhance your tired looking eyes and even make them look brighter bigger. This look was created using a couple shades from the Lorac Pro 2 Palette and Kat Von D’s Monarch palette. Pair this look with a blue color lipstick to combine all the cool tones.

Pink Cool Eye Makeup

pink cool eye makup


Princess Cool Eye Makeup

princes cool eye makeup


Simple Eye Makeup Design

simple eye makeup design


Cat Eye Makeup for Beautiful Girl

cat eye makeup for beautiful girl


Cool Bronze Eye Makeup is quite the style for showbiz young girls personalities. This season, a lot of makeup professionals are selecting a bronze shadow rather than the classic gold and silver. The color really warms the face and works well when paired with natural hues and eye pencil.

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