The beauty that dwells in the eyes of every girl can be made more appealing with the right eye makeup. There are a number of makeup designs for eyes, and different ingredients like mascaras, eye liners and eyeshadows are used to yield the desired effect in the eyes. Individuality is a key factor while determining the eye makeup designs. Thus, you need to be unique while getting your makeup. Here are some makeup tips for eyes that you might find innovative. Check out the Cool Eye Makeup Designs for more ideas!

Smokey Eye Makeup

If you want a dreamy-smoke like hue dwelling in your eyes, you can choose shades of grey and black for the eye shadows. The lingering effect of smoke can extend up to the eyebrows, delivering an everlasting bliss of charm. Go through the Smokey Eye Makeup Designs for more information!

Black Smokey Eye Makeup

black smokey eye makeup


Smokey Gold Eye Makeup Design

smokey gold eye makeup design


Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

smokey eye makeup for brown eyes


Cat Eye Makeup

Women who have narrow eyes with long eye-lashes look attractive with cat eye makeup. With tiny, glittering eyeballs and black eyeliner, you can get a cute look that goes well with your facial looks.

Simple Cat Eye Makeup Design

simple cat eye makeup design


Cute Cat Eye Makeup Design

cute cat eye makeup design


Emo Eye Makeup Designs

In case you want to impress your partner with emotional eyes, you can opt for this particular design. Looks can kill, goes the saying. You can choose any particular theme like blue dreamy eyes or purple eyes to express your feelings.

Emo Girl Eye Makeup

emo girl eye makeup


Butterfly Eye Makeup Designs

Butterflies have a tenderness that you can associate with feminism. When you use eye liners that resemble the tentacles of butterflies, you can achieve a greater degree of sophistication. You can also opt for the butterfly wing designs. You may also see Butterfly Eye Makeup Designs

Blue Butterfly Eye Makeup Idea

blue butterfly eye makeup idea


Goth Eye Makeup Designs

If you want to go for a killing look, with the eyes of vampires or werewolves, you can opt for this particular design. Use shadow effects of green and yellow to make the effect more prominent.

Eye Makeup Designs for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are generically dreamy, and you can mostly relate them to doll-like girls. Well, if you want a cute look with blue eyes, incorporate the right proportions of blue. Experiment with different shades of the color until you are contended with what the mirror says.

Smokey Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

smokey eye makeup for blue eyes


Eye Makeup Designs for Prom

If you have brown or blue eyes, you can boost up your look with a few dots of matching colors above the eyelids. When you go for an outing or a walk, your beautiful eyes will dazzle with cool beauty when you have this makeup.

Brown Eye Makeup Ideas

Women with brown eyes have beautiful natural beauty incorporated in their looks. You can further enhance your looks with a patch of mascara and a compatible shade of brown, drawn delicately with eyeliners. You may also see Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Designs

Smokey Brown Eye Makeup

smokey brown eye makeup1


Hooded Eye Makeup

In case you have hooded eyes, you can enhance the looks with a slight makeup and shadows. If you have a fair skin, it is preferable that you use a light base color before applying other shades.

Unique Hooded Eye Makeup

unique hooded eye makeup


Pretty Hooded Eye Makeup

pretty hooded eye makeup


Dramatic Eye Makeup

Thin, narrow and beautiful eyes look dramatic when you apply the right effect. Shades of blue and black are mostly used in these eyes. You can use blended shades of red and golden yellow for the purpose as well.

Dramatic Black Eye Makeup

dramatic black eye makeup


Dark Dramatic Eye Makeup Design

dark dramatic eye makeup design


Glitter Eye Makeup Designs

Glitter eye makeups are trendy in parties and occasions. You can glorify your beauty when you have sparkling eyes. The right shade of sparkles can really boost up your looks.

Silver Glitter Eye Makeup Design

silver glitter eye makeup design


Anime Eye Makeup

These anime eye makeup designs are used to amplify the emotional touch in your eyes. You can choose shades of brown and blue for the purpose. This effect makes the eyes look more conspicuous than they really are.

Cleopatra Eye Makeup

Several women are fond of the Egyptian style of eye makeup. These make the eyes chilling yet beautiful. You need to apply appropriate shades of black and other dark colors to yield the right degree of beauty.

Cleopatra Gold Eye Makeup Design

cleopatra gold eye makeup design


Wedding Eye Makeup

Cool and soft eyes are all you want when you go for a wedding. Use light colors for the shades around the eyes. Light colors like blue and pink are ideal for this purpose. You may also see Bridal Eye Makeup Designs

Wedding Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

wedding eye makeup for blue eyes


Grunge Eye Makeup Designs

These eye makeups carry a sense of emotional and expression that can be conveyed only through looks. Women with blue eyes look splendid with this effect. You can also apply a light shade of red in the eyebrows to make your eyes more pleasing.

Light Brown Grunge Eye Makeup

light brown grunge eye makeup


Tips for eye makeup designs

Eye makeup designs show a diverse array of styles, and here are five key tips that will help you to have a compelling look.

  • Smudging of the eyeliner is a common problem that messes up your looks. You can remove the grease or oil from the skin with the help of a make-up remover.
  • Use different shades of eyeliners like brown, black and gray to create a variation in your looks.
  • You should use a pencil eyeliner to get a smoky effect in your eyes.
  • The eyeliner has to be finely applied near the lash line, as close as possible.
  • Apply the mascara in your eye lashed starting from the roots. Most women start from the tips. This makes the effect last longer.

Eye makeup designs have flourished with the expansion of fashion trends. Individual eye makeup styles are used by different women to boost up their womanhood. The choice of compatible makeup designs leave a long-lasting impression on the people you speak, and you will have something to be proud of when you have the perfect eyes.

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