This season, many makeup pros are choosing bronze shadow rather than the classic silver and gold. The bronze color really warms the face and works well when paired with a ‘90s lip color or natural hues. Another great make up trend is the graphic liner. To tweak the classical cat eye, opt for a straighter swipe across the eye with black kohl. This is the latest trend to wearing liner that elongates and lifts the eye. You may also see Bridal Eye Makeup Designs

Silver Glitter Eye Makeup Design

silver glitter eye makeup design


Another popular eye makeup trend that is still hot is the basic smokey eye makeup design. The most common Smokey eyes are black and brown, though you can use any color you desire. The key is to choose a medium and dark shade of one specific color. Choose a highlight shade that is close to your skin tone.

Dark Eye and Lips Makeup

dark eye and lips makeup1


Glitter Eye Makeup Design

glitter eye makeup design3


Pink and Blue Eye Makeup

pink and blue eye makeup2


First, apply the medium color starting from the lash line to the crease and along the lower lash. At the crease, blend the color toward the brown bone. Make sure not to go all the way to the brow.

Bridal Eye Makeup Design

bridal eye makeup design2


Black Smokey Eye Makeup

black smokey eye makeup2


Purple Eye Makeup Design

purple eye makeup design1


Gold Eye Makeup Design

gold eye makeup design1


Kid’s Butterfly Eye Makeup Idea

kids butterfly eye makeup idea1


Simple Party Eye Makeup

simple party eye makeup2


Halloween Eye Makeup Design

halloween eye makeup design1


Apply the highlight shade right under the brow and blend into the medium shade to create a smooth finish. Lastly, apply the dark tone at the lash line and blend it slightly towards the medium tone. Layer your liner and shadow until you reach the desired intensity.

Unique Eye Makeup Idea

unique eye makeup idea1


If you want to create a statement eye makeup design but don’t have a steady hand, unlimited time, and confidence in your applying abilities, you can also try press-on shadows. These come with a ready-made design which ranges from tame blended looks to wild designs such as animal print. The application is quite easy. Simply peel back the design and press it against your eye lid and rub. Once removed, set the applied shadow with powder. You may also see Butterfly Eye Makeup Designs

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