Choosing the right eye makeup color is not really hard. All you need is some knowledge on what color suits your eyes, skin color, and personality. One of the popular eye makeup color being used today is teal. Teal is a beautiful color; it is a combination of green and blue with dashes of black or gray for a deeper shade. For some women, teal is a perfect eye makeup color because it enhances the beauty of the eyes.

Dark Teal Eye Makeup

dark teal eye makeup


The beauty of teal eye makeup used for eyelids is enhanced by the black eyeliner in the upper lashlines. The result is a teal eye makeup suitable for a Halloween party. You may also see Hazel Eye Makeup Designs

The smokey teal eye makeup used for this image is used for the most part of the lids. The bronze upper highlight is enhanced by the black liquid eyeliner used for the lashlines. This is nice everyday eye makeup to wear – simple yet quite elegant.

Gold and Teal Eye Makeup

gold and teal eye makeup


Teal is also a nice alternative for lower lashlines. This eye makeup, for instance, has a unique combination of light shaded upper eye shadows with teal eyeliner. The result is an unusually beautiful makeup that can be worn every day.

Teal and Black Eye Makeup Idea

teal and black eye makeup idea


For the gypsy or Bohemian look, dark eye makeup combination is always the perfect choice. Take a look at the great black and teal combination used for this eye makeup. It results in a dressed up face perfect for the gypsy look.

Purple and Teal Eye Makeup

purple and teal eye makeup


Using purple as the base for this beautiful eye makeup is a good choice. The combination of purple and teal really brings out the beauty of the face. Teal is used here for the upper and lower lashlines.

Glitter Teal Eye Makeup

glitter teal eye makeup


This glittery teal eye makeup matches the matte blue lipstick in a unique and nice way. The eye makeup is very simple with the teal shadow used just for the upper lids and then contrasted by light gray eyeliner for the lower lashlines.

Tropical Teal Eye Makeup

tropical teal eye makeup


The tropical look is also known as the summery look. What better way to look hot in the tropics than to wear the perfect makeup. This teal eye makeup concept is a nice option and the use of green is the best accent choice.

Natural Teal Eye Makeup

natural teal eye makeup


For an elegant and natural look, teal is used here to a minimum and in a darker shade. The use of black for the inner lining allows for the teal shade to stand out.

For a cute makeup result, it is important to not overdo the shading. Take a look at this smokey teal eye makeup; it is simple and yet it provides a beautiful match to the eye color. The black upper and lower eyeliner provide the ideal accent to the whole setup.

Teal Eye Shadow Makeup Idea

teal eye shadow makeup idea


This look is achieved here by using teal in the upper eyelids and then enhanced by black eyeliner in the upper lashlines. To add more teal accent, this shade is used on the outer half part of the lower lashlines. You may also see Retro Eye Makeup Designs

Teal Eye Makeup for Men

teal eye makeup for men


Simple Teal Eye Makeup Idea

simple teal eye makeup idea


Pretty Teal Eye Makeup

pretty teal eye makeup


Coming up with the perfect eye makeup concept requires some expertise. But if you are not a makeup expert and you want to experiment with different eye makeup shades, you can start with the popular choices. These include rainbow eye makeup, hazel eye makeup, and teal eye makeup. Among the color/combination options mentioned, teal is currently the one trending. Teal is being used for special occasions and is now popular for wedding, birthday and prom makeup ideas.

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