Halloween is one of the most celebrated events in most countries. This is related to the Celtic festival, Samhain when ghosts and spirits were considered to be abroad. Due to its association with ghosts and spirits, people try out different spooky looks and makeups to celebrate Halloween.. One of the most popular makeup designs during Halloween is the skeleton makeup design. Some scary and creative skeleton makeup designs are shown below:

Lady Gaga Skeleton Makeup

Lady Gaga Skeleton Makeup Source

Topping the list is the skeleton makeup worn by American pop singer and songwriter Lady Gaga. She is known for her weird and wacky hairstyles and makeup designs. This makeup design is successful in putting up a perfect skull scary look.

Half Face Skeleton Makeup

Half Face Skeleton Makeup Source

At the second spot is the half face skeleton makeup. This makeup design is a combination of eeriness and glamour. This is perfect for those who wish to try out two different looks at the same time.

Halloween Skeleton Makeup Design

Halloween Skeleton Makeup Design Source

Dressing up like a skeleton is one of the most celebrated makeup designs during Halloween. In this makeup design, the face is made to look exactly like a skull with the eyes darkened in such a way that they look hollow.

Skeleton Makeup For Kids

Skeleton Makeup For Kids Source

Kids are not excluded from the Halloween fever as the entire family is involved in trying out different Halloween makeup designs. This particular skeleton makeup for kids makes them look cute with a touch of creepiness.

Skeleton Doll Makeup Design

Skeleton Doll Makeup Design Source

At the fifth spot is the skeleton doll makeup design, which is one of the hot favourites among women as it can be paired with any dress. Despite the spooky look, this Halloween makeup design makes you look pretty. You may also See Demon Makeup Ideas

Skeleton Bride Makeup Idea

Skeleton Bride Makeup Idea Source

If you wish to try out a completely crazy look this Halloween, the skeleton bride makeup is a good idea. This makeup design is glamorous as well as spooky. Besides this, the corpse bride makeup is also a new and unique concept.

Victorian Skeleton Makeup

Victorian Skeleton Makeup Source

At the next spot is the Victorian skeleton makeup, which looks extremely creepy. The area surrounding the eyes and the entire nose is darkened. Emphasis is given to the eyes and the forehead with designs made with silver and golden.

Skeleton Vampire Makeup

Skeleton Vampire Makeup Source

Next up is the skeleton vampire makeup, which is designed specifically for those who are extremely bold and have the guts to experiment with new styles. In this makeup, the area surrounding the eyes, the nose, and the forehead is made up of a skull, whereas, the other parts of the face are left simple.

Skeleton Zipper Makeup Design

Skeleton Zipper Makeup Design Source

The skeleton zipper makeup design, which is next up on this list, has become extremely popular due to its outstanding idea. This look is perfect for those who wish to look sexy and scary at the same time.

Zombie Skeleton Makeup

Zombie Skeleton Makeup Source

Zombie skeleton makeup is one of the most popular makeup designs during the Halloween season. It looks completely out of the box and wacky.

Easy Skeleton Makeup

Easy Skeleton Makeup Source

Skeleton Makeup for Lips

Skeleton Makeup for Lips Source

Skeleton Mouth Makeup Idea

Men Skeleton Makeup Idea Source

Skeleton Spring Makeup

Red and Silver Skeleton Makeup Source

Side Sugar Skull Makeup

Side Suger Skull Makeup Source

Skeleton Costume Makeup Look

Skeleton Spring Makeup Source

Skeleton Face Paint Look

Skeleton Costume Makeup Source

Skeleton Lips and Hair Makeover

Skeleton Eye and Nose Makeup Source

Makeup is considered to be extremely important in today’s fashion conscious world. Even brides give a lot of emphasis to wedding makeup to make their D-Day extremely special. One of the reasons why skeleton makeup is extremely popular is that it can be done quickly and with a lot of ease.

Eye Mask Skeleton Makeup

Eye mask Skeleton Makeup Source

Simple Skeleton Makeup

Simple Skeleton Makeup Source

Scary Skeleton Makeup Idea

Scary Skeleton Makeup Idea Source

To try out the simplest of skeleton makeup designs, all you need is black and white paint. The perfect makeup can make you look like a real skeleton. So, what are you waiting for? Scare the hell out of your friends with the scary skeleton look.

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