The fashion industry what we tend to see small from a distance is a very vast world. Nail art is a concept becoming familiar among all women from all over the world. The trend of just applying nail color is not enough. Design on the nail color has become an art around the world. Acrylic nail design is also in high demand along with the other designs. Beautifully designed nails always make the lady look stunning among the others.

Peacock Feather Nail Art

peacock feather nail art


Peacock feathers have always been centre of attraction for every single person. We all love to watch them dance in the rain, because they are specialist in the same. Their feathers can be designed on the nail. The design of their feathers is made on the nail color with selective colors which are found only in the feathers of the peacock. This is a type of peacock nail design. All ladies can do this for casual or occasional outfits.

Rainbow has 7 beautiful and eye catching colors in them. It can also be a design for nail art. A feather design made in rainbow colors looks absolutely amazing when it comes to the nail designing. These colors are so attractive that people will definitely want to make them on their nail too.

Well it is not necessary that nail art and designing is to be done only on finger nails. They can be done on toe nails also. In this image we see black and white but you can choose the color combination as per the occasion. Design on your toenail makes your legs look clean neat and hygienic and also attractive and beautiful. And it is not at all necessary that only young girls should do this. Girls of any age can do this type of design.

Feather Nail Art for Short Nails

feather nail art for short nails


Girls who have short nails and are fond of nail art and nail designing here is a design for you. There are designs for every type of nail long or short it’s just that we have to select a perfect one for you. Holographic nail design is good for short nail too. They are suitable for all outfits and events.

Acrylic Feather Nail Art

acrylic feather nail art


It’s not that feather nail design is done only on simple nail colors. But there are girls who like to do acrylic nail art and feather design can be done on acrylic nail also and it can be done perfectly.

Black Feather Nail Art Design

black feather nail art design


Black color suits all types of outfits and on all colors as a combination. Black color feather design look good on pink, light blue and any light color it will be more attractive as a casual and formal design.

Glitter Feather Nails

glitter feather nails


Glitter always adds a special effect to the nail design making it exclusive. Normal feather design looks stunning and shiny. If you want the perfect look go and get it done by the nail artist. And is suitable for ladies of all age groups.

Gel Feather Nail Art Idea

gel feather nail art idea


There are different types of designs in this category. Gel design is one of them and is also demanded by so many ladies. Gels for nail art are available in all colors and in all cosmetic stores and some special hard gels are available with the online stores.

Feather Nail Art with Rhinestones

feather nail art with rhinestones


Rhinestones are used for 3D nail designing. And if you want your feather design look more beautiful you can definitely add rhinestones to your design but only to highlight your nail art. And it will give your design a mind-blowing look.

French tip nail design is something very elegant. All women love to keep this design for a long because it is suitable for all occasions. And a feather design on them will make your nails look more beautiful and you can choose the color of feather you want.

Feather Nail Art for Pointy Nails

feather nail art for pointy nails


Cute Feather Nail Art Idea

cute feather nail art idea


Pretty Feather Nail Design

pretty feather nail design


Classic Gold Feather Nails

classic gold feather nails


Feather Nail Art for Wedding

feather nail art for wedding


Awesome Feather Nail Art

awesome feather nail art


Feather Nail Art for Long Nails

feather nail art for long nails


Simple Feather Nail Design Idea

simple feather nail design idea


Nail art is a trending concept now-a-days. All women are fond of nail designing and it has a vast collection to select from. Designs are available for long, short as well as acrylic nails. But yes this is not only for finger nails. There is this concept of toe nail designs which will add up to the overall beauty of the lady.

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