If you are up to date with the current makeup designs and trends then you are no stranger to the nail art craze that has caught the fancy of every girl and woman. Nail art acts as the perfect design to add a class and style to your everyday nails.

With weekend right around the corner, we bring you the manicure magic with 10 best nail art designs to try and test on your hand for an attractive look.

Blue Swan Nail Design

blue swan nail design


Blue swan nail pattern is the perfect design to opt if you wish to add a beachy theme to your nails. You can create the design either with simple plain colors or add a sparkly touch with glitter nail paint. Paint a swan and pineapple motifs on one of the nails for completing the beach look.

Red and black is another color combination to try on your nails. If you have long nails you can print this design on the top and extend it minimally to the inner ends. Play around with the colors. The best part being you don’t have to be too careful or extremely neat for making the design look beautiful.

For a design that will compliment almost all your outfits, try out a black, white and silver nail designs. You can even choose to add rhinestones on one nail for adding a subtle glam to your nail art.  

Palm Tree Nail Art Idea

palm tree nail art idea


Pink and silver are another pretty color to try for your nails. If you don’t wish to do a lot of work for your nail design this look is perfect for you. All you need to do is paint the nails in pink and add a black palm tree in one. The design comes out beautifully if done with precision so take your time and paint a distinguished palm tree with the help of dotting tools.

Purple Nail Design with Rhinestone

purple nail design with rhinestone


Matte is a trend that has been making rounds in makeup as well as in nail designs. Add a soft matte pink to your nails and decorate the look further with silver rhinestones of various sizes. The design is perfect and will be classic for your evening out.

Gold Leopard Print Nail Design

gold leopard print nail design


complex or simple pattern, give your nails the much-deserved pampering with these creative nail art designs.Add a shimmering gold to the nail for making the look trendy and engaging. You can add the simple black leopard Nail designs on another nail to add a likable contrast to the whole look.

Creative Ombre Nail Design

creative ombre nail design


Ombre is one of the most summery and springy designs to try on your nails. Achieve the look with the colors of your choice. You can do it at home with the help of sponge for bringing some texture or get it done in the salon for a polished look. The design will turn out perfectly either way.

Gold Glitter Acrylic Nail Design

gold glitter acrylic nail design


You can choose to go for a complete glitter nail color for a look that is hot and sexy. Add the rhinestones on one of the nails for making the look all the more captivating.

Yellow and Green Nail Design

yellow and green nail design


Try an unusual design with a paint brush effect on your nails. You can try the edgy design with multiple colors or just stick with the combination of two.

Flower Summer Nail Design

flower summer nail design


If you love to accessorize your nails, add an acrylic flower and rhinestone for transforming the regular to gorgeous 3D.

Black and White Floral Nail Art


black and white floral nail art


Creative Nail Design for Medium Nails

creative nail design for medium nails


Black Lace Nail Art Design

black lace nail art design


Feather Nail Art on Dark Skin

feather nail art on dark nails


Amazing Fruit Nail Design

amazing fruit nail design


Simple Beach Nail Art

simple beach nail art


Pink Rhinestone Nail Design

pink rhinestone nail design


Either with a complex or simple pattern, give your nails the much-deserved pampering with these creative nail art designs.

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