When it comes to colour matters, purple is associated with nobility and magnificence. Adorning yourself in purple nails is a strong indication that you are bold, elegant and not afraid of attracting attention from the mob. Purple is considered one of the conventional nail polishes known in the fashion and design of nails. Light purple is especially a nice pick for feminine nail designs.

Purple and Gold Nail Design

purple nail design

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Add a bit of sparkle to your nails this time of the year. Purple nail paint topped with golden sparkles is a combination which is fail-proof. This one goes very well with the uber-chic party look.

Purple and Silver Glitter Nail Art

beautiful purple nail design

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Spread some deep dark purple onto your nails and top it with some silver paint to accentuate the effect. You simple cannot go wrong with this combination!

Glittering Sand Purple Nail Design

grace full purple nail design

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Up the attractiveness of your nails by employing purple sand glitter for the job. Apply a dash of this purple nail paint and marry it with same color glitter – a shade lighter or darker, your choice. This one’s a surefire hit.

Purple Nail Manicure For Short Nails

acrylic purple nail design

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Want to flaunt your short nails fashionably? Take the glittery route for your nails and pick little purple glittery nail paint for your next manicure.

Dark Purple Nail Design

metaphorical dark purple nail design

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A stroke of dark purple of your nails is sure to make heads turn wherever you go. Apart from being bold, the darker shade of purple is a fashion statement this season.

Matte Purple Prom Nail Polish

matt purple nail design

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Add another dimension of attractiveness to your nails and enhance the visual impact. Pick a matte nail color and paint your nails right away! Totally awesome!

Overlaying purple French tips on a silver line can be a distinctive tweak on the archetypal nail designs. This design can be made even more intricate and unique by incorporating befitting lines in a colour of your choice originating from the corner of the nail. Alternatively, donning black French tips with the rest of the nail polished purple can be an impressive design.

Metallic Coat Purple Nail Design

metallic coat purple nail design

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If you love metallic nail designs then you shouldn’t miss out on getting a stylish metallic coat of purple done on your nails.

Neon Purple Nail Art

neon purple nail art

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Black and Purple Nail designs have always been a style statement. Deck up your nails this season using some neon purple nail paint, and combine with black acrylic to make interesting petal design.

Almond Purple Nail Design

almond purple nail design

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The almond nail shape is very much in vogue now. Almond Purple Nail Designs are trending very highly these days. Time to get a fresh coat then?

Striped Purple and White Nail Art

striped purple nail design

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Glitter Purple Nail Art

glitter purple nail design

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Shine Purple Nail Design

shine purple nail design

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Spark Purple Nail Manicure

spark purple nail design

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Bling Purple Nail Art

bling purple nail design

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Floral Purple French Tips Nail Art

lovely flower purple nail design

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Creative Nail Art Designs

lovely color purple nail design

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Shiny Purple Nail Manicure

dark blue gray purple nail design

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Purple Prom Nail Art Design

holographic purple nail design

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Accent Purple Nail Design

accent purple nail design

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Bold Purple Nail Design

new purple nail design

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Floral Soft Purple Tips Nail Art

flower purple nail design

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Sand Purple Nail Design

party purple nail design

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Dark Purple Nail Design

pure dark purple nail design

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Checked nails can be quite spectacular. Segment each nail into four checkers then lacquer the diagonal squares with the same pigment – use a darker hue of purple for one of the diagonal pair and a lighter one for the other diagonal. Strips are one of the simplest nail designs that can be done by everyone. However, you can refine this design by fashioning the strips in a wavelike manner using varying hues of purple.

Purple Nail Design Trends and Ideas

Purple and One More: A fashion fad which has picked up these days is coloring your nails with alternate colors. What goes well with purple then? All colors, literally. Popular recommendation is purple and white or purple and black.

Zigzag Nail Art: Use two nail colors. Pair purple with another color and paint as though both colors are fading into each other. And then on one nail use both the colors to create a zigzag pattern. Your nails will definitely stand out.

A Dash of Glitter: Amongst all of the awesome purple nail designs, the one which never ceases to get attention is purple glitter nails. If you’re a purple person, then use any simple purple nail polish, incorporate some glitter, and you have your nails ready!

For French Tips: If you’re a person who has French tips and wants to paint them purple, we’d recommend you do some intricate white art against purple background. Sure-shot success, this design is!

Purple Floral Nails: Want to steal the scene with your nails, try this: Paint all of your nails dark purple, except one. On that nail, use your nail art brush, some good quality paints and craft a floral nail design!

Abstract Purple Nail Art: Love abstract designs? Good news is they look awesome in purple. Abstract purple nail designs are quite hot these days. Add some Aztec patterns and you can finish it off with some matte effect.

Purple Leopard Nails: Animal prints as nail designs is just amazing. Try doing leopard nail art using purple and black! This color combination totally works magic for drawing animal prints on nails.

Purple Abstract Floral: Take the abstract floral route to add more interest in your nail art. Use different shade of purple and create abstract floral nail designs.

Purple Bling: Celebs do a lot of bling on their nails. You should try doing some purple bling on your nails too! Use a lighter shade of purple and add nail art crystals on top to complete the look!

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