Girls, do you wish to give your nails a completely stunning look this season? Flawless nails are important part of every woman’s/ girl’s grooming. Nail art in particular can make a woman look gorgeous. It enhances your personality. Besides, it will also give you a chance to try out different things with your nail polishes. Below are 10 incredibly unique, amazing, quirky nail art designs that are inspiring the newest nail art fashions.

Floral Art on Pointy Nails

floral art on pointy nails


Have you ever seen nails with such persuasive designs? These designs will require you manicure tapes if you don’t have that you can use cello tape.

Classy Pink and Gray Nail Design

classy pink and gray nail design


Make your boring, dull nails look stunning with this fantastic pink and silver mismatch nail paint. This design is colorful, fun and easy. If you don’t want to try a daily french manicure you can always go for this design. At the end, don’t forget to exercise your skills more to make them look wonderful when completed in a right way.

Colorful Toe Nail Design

colorful toe nail design


Glitter galore! Set the statement with this colorful toenail design. Get inspired with this colorful and cute sequence toenail art design and to add to the glitter-spangled effect, add tiny adorable golden designs to top off the design.

Geometric Nail Art with Neon colors

geometric nail art with neon colors


Geometric Nail Art designs are a nice way to dapper up your design. This nail art looks amazing and is very easy to do on your nails. You just have to make sure that you select good amount of neon colors to make your nail look beautiful and stunning.

Elegant Claw Nail Design

elegant claw nail design


As bright as sky blue, you’d have to have passion, at least some responsiveness to spot cool claw nails like these. They’ll surely turn heads. Over the clear coating are vertical strokes of black polish. Additional blue beads are added for accents, as well as a few glitters.

Blue and Yellow Tip Nails

blue and yellow tip nails


This is a very playful and funky mismatch nail art that you should definitely try out. The nails are coated with light transparent polish and tipped with blue and yellow colored nail polish for an impressive effect. You can also combine neon colors such as red, green, yellow, green and pink.

Rainbow Color Glitter Nail Design

rainbow color glitter nail design


These nails are erotic and sensual, what more can one say? Get this amazing nail art look with the vibrant and lively colors of the rainbow and make it look sparkling and shining by adding shimmer nail paint to it.

Now that it’s truly starting to feel like being in the spring season. And along with it comes to the spring nail designs Finally, we can say goodbye to the heavy, intense dark colors and welcome fresher, lighter, more cheerful colors. This design is truly a piece of art, having so many attractive colors that syndicate well to create this phenomenally cool spring nails.

Polka Dot Summer Nail Design

polka dot summer nail design


Polka dot summer nail design is the most trendy design going on this summer. This design of plain pink and polka dots is one of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate your nails. Always cover your nail with a transparent gel for a longevity and clean finish.

Cool Tips Nail Art Design

cool tips nail art design


How beautiful are these bright colors? We’re obsessed! Flaunt your cool tip nails with this green, blue, white, yellow themed tip nail art design. They are a completely classic look, whether on short or long nails. The best thing about the tip is that it is delicate, neutral, and goes with everything. Choose a base color of your choice and let it dry. Once dried, apply beautiful bright colors at the end of your nail. You can also add some nail accessories like studs, beads, and rhinestones that will make your nails look really pop.

Pink and Purple Cheetah Nail Art

pink and purple cheetah nail art


Yellow Color Nail Design

yellow color nail design


3D Nail Art Idea

3d nail art idea


Unique Nail Art for Short Nails

unique nail art for short nails


Stylish Watercolor Nail Art

stylish watercolor nail art


Striped Nail Art on Acrylic Nails

striped nail art on acrylic nails


Cute Summer Nail Art

cute summer nail art


Funky Nail Art for Square Nails

funky nail art for square nails


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