It’s no surprise that The Force Awakens has successfully awakened quite a stir among its followers. Star wars t-shirts and merchandise are selling off like crazy. In a time when every Star War fan is trying to showcase her fandom, why don’t you make some extra effort and elevate it to the next level through some amazing Star Wars inspired nail art on those perfectly manicured french tip nails? Here’re a few options.

Star Wars Gel Nail Design

star wars gel nail design


It hardly gets any better than this. Unlike the other ones. This particular nail art captures the essence of Star wars amazingly well. Get all those years of carefully watching every part of the series so that you can figure out a different design for every nail.

Star Wars Toe Nail Art

star wars toe nail art


If only the fingers are falling short of showcasing all that Star Wars nail art designs on your mind, get your toenails to work as well. This should ideally be easier but also require a handful of tools to get them neat and accurate.

Star Wars Nail Art for Short Nails

star wars nail art for short nails


Don’t worry if your nails aren’t all that long. A sharp and cute manicure can set things right. Ideally, minimalistic designs on square shaped nails look very impressive, just like this one. All you need is good quality nail products and some patience.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Nail Art

star wars stormtrooper nail art


Simple, minimalistic, elegant yet meticulously done. If you want something more explicit, loud or even jazzy, paint a stormtrooper on every nail but with different details. But remember, it’s a matter of a lot of time and patience.

Acrylic Star Wars Nail Design

acrylic star wars nail design


What is Star Wars without actually the stars? Bringing the effect of outer space can be quite difficult, true. But, no one said it is not possible. Acrylic and gel based nail paints make it less fussy and much neater.

Brooklyn Star Wars Nail Art

brooklyn star wars nail art


Haven’t we all loved R2D2 throughout the entire season? Well, then it’s time to showcase that love through a master R2D2 inspired nail art that is surely going to make you the centre of conversation among the Star Wars fans.

Unique Star Wars Nail Design

unique star wars nail design


Star Wars Nail Art for Long Nails

star wars nail art for long nails


Star Wars Nail Manicure Idea

star wars nail manicure idea


Beautiful Star Wars Nail Design

beautiful star wars nail design


Star Wars Dope Nails Idea

star wars dope nails idea


Trendy Star Wars Nail Art

trendy star wars nail art


Cute Star Wars Nail Art Idea

cute star wars nail art idea


Galaxy Star Wars Nail Art

galaxy star wars nail art


With so many characters and inspirations, the Star Wars movie series offers quite a bunch of options when it comes to nail art. You can also consider Disney nail designs or the much-loved Minnie Mouse Nail designs if you like. Although, one should not sacrifice on expert manicures and good quality products. May the force be with you.

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