Nail Polish is a coating of color to the fingers or toe nails. It makes the nail look more beautiful by shining and decorating with different styles and colors. It is mostly preferred as trends of high fashion and beauty product.

Minnie Mouse Square Nail Art

minnie mouse square nail art


A very nice option to choose is the MINNIE MOUSE nail design which is very popular among young girls for their cute effects. Particularly available in red and black color, its varnish gives cute and elegant look to the fingers which is appropriate for the young generation. Also, the image of the Disney cartoons complements your feminine image.

Minnie Mouse Nail Design for Long Nails

minnie mouse nail design for long nails


Simple Minnie Mouse Nail Art

simple minnie mouse nail art


Paint all the nails except the middle finger with a coat of red polish. Add the polka dots of white color to these nails. And then paint the middle finger with a coat of white polish. Draw a Minnie shape of cartoon using nail art stick with the use of black shimmer nail paint. Give a light black coating in the corner of nails to give a pleasant look.

Minnie Mouse Symbol Nail Art

minnie mouse symbol nail art


Minnie Mouse Nail Art for Short Nails

minnie mouse nail art for short nails


Pretty Minnie Mouse Nail Art

pretty minnie mouse nail art


Light Pink Minnie Mouse Nail Design

light pink minnie mouse nail design


Classy Minnie Mouse Tip Nail Art

classy minnie mouse tip nail art


This type design will be surely loved by the Disney fan. And can be suited to cute little girls who love cartoons as nail art is highly trending worldwide in youth ions.

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