Do you love tiny and cute animals? You can try the motifs of hedgehog nail designs and other animal motifs on long and short nails. You can also think of any tiny animals, such as, hamsters, guinea pigs, squirrels, etc using these acrylic nail designs.These motifs look animated and are suitable for all young women.

Older women too can try these motifs but in monochromatic tones or single colors. Hedgehogs are one of the cutest tiny animals, and their motifs look funny and artful.

This is a cute nail art design with only the hair and the eyes that depicts the hedgehog motif. The hair is painted in chocolate brown and the eyes in black and white. It is suitable for long nails as only the top most part of the nail is painted in this motif.

Short nails too can look cute painted in this motif. The rest of the nail is painted in olive green color. The top of the nail is painted in black and white dots to depict the hair of the hedgehog. This is simple motif that is suitable for teenage girls.

Painted in motifs and golden glitter alternatively, is suitable only for thematic parties. This is not your daily wear motif to flaunt. It is kitschy and can only be worn with some bling on clothes and footwear.

Hedgehog Gel Nail Art

hedgehog gel nail art


Get the sheen in gel like nail polish in turquoise blue and baby pink. The motifs of hedgehogs are painted in white color. You will also find swirls of floral motifs in different designs.

This is a dramatic color combination of emerald green and jet black for medium size nails. On the green background are painted creeper leaves in black color. Only on the one nail the motif of hedgehog is painted in black against the green background.

Acrylic Hedgehog Nail Art Idea

acrylic hedgehog nail art idea


The nails are painted in dark plum color except for one nail on each palm. One nail is painted in creamy white color with a colorful motif of the hedgehog painted on it. The other nail on the other palm is painted in white with colorful motifs depicting autumn weather.

Hedgehog and Hearts Nail

hedgehog and hearts nail


This is a bright and sunny nail art in hedgehog and heart motifs. The long nails can be painted in solid yellow color. On most of the nails a single heart in red color is painted on the top side of the nail. Only one nail has the hedgehog motif painted in brown color.

Pink Hedgehog Nail Design

pink hedgehog nail design


This has the stamp of trees layered in pink and blue color. On the pink background is the cute motif of hedgehog. You can alternatively also try the Minnie mouse nail design to make it look even cuter. Suitable for teenage girls who love animated movies.

Floral Hedgehog Nail Art Idea

floral hedgehog nail art idea


This is a fun and a funky nail art in colorful motifs. A few nails are painted in white polka dots in orange background. The other nails are painted in floral polkas in azure blue background. One nail is painted with a hedgehog motif in black color on a background of turquoise blue and white polkas.

Fancy Hedgehog Nail Design

fancy hedgehog nail design


This is an embellished nail art design with motifs of hedgehog lined in light brown color against a white background that is not completely painted on the nails. The other nails have pearls glued onto them on teal blue background. You could also try the leopard nail design art.

Dotted Hedgehog Nails

dotted hedgehog nails


Colorful Hedgehog Nail Art

colorful hedgehog nail art


You can try the French nail tips in these motifs. They have an interesting story going on using the nail art motifs. You can storyboard your nails with alternative designs and motifs. When creating motifs of cute animals keep the colors to not more than two in number. Ensure the color combination is soothing.

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