Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is something that every woman is extremely fond of. Nail art is one such trend which is gaining a lot of popularity. Out of the various nail art designs, eye nail art is a hot favourite among girls. These designs look extremely cool and stylish. Besides these, some other nail art designs that have been loved by women are acrylic nail designs, Halloween nail designs and animal nail designs. Some of the best eye nail art designs are highlighted below.

Topping the list is the evil eye nail art. The evil eye is considered to be great for warding off any evil from your life. The evil eye has become so popular nowadays that it can be found on clothes, bags, jewellery and even on nails. The evil eye nail art looks extremely trendy.

Dragon Eye Nail Design

dragon eye nail design


Not far away, at the second spot, is the dragon eye nail design. Dragons are an extremely popular choice when it comes to getting a tattoo inked on your body. There are some people who love dragons but do not have the courage to get a tattoo inked. The best choice for such people is to try out dragon nail art. You may also see Skull Nail Designs

Blue Eye Nail Art Idea

blue eye nail art idea


Next up is the blue eye nail art. Blue is a colour which is usually associated with women, but, nowadays, women are extremely fond of this colour, especially when it comes to the colour of nail polish. The best part about blue eye nail art is that you can try out different shades of blue to try out different variations.

Are you a fan of cartoons? If yes, then this Googly eyes nail design is definitely for you. This nail art design looks extremely cute and has become a rage among teenagers.

At the fifth spot is the glitter eye nail art. The beauty of the eye nail art that is done is enhanced with the help of glitter and the glitter also adds a touch of sophistication to the nails.

Pretty Eye Nail Design Idea

pretty eye nail design idea


Next up is the pretty eye nail design idea. This design is particularly for those girls who love to do a cute look. The shades of colors used in this design enhance the beauty of the nails.

Eye Gel Nails Idea

eye gel nails idea


At the next spot is the eye gel nails idea. This is a great design for those individuals who have short nails. Short nails can be really embarrassing, but, this design will make your nails look amazing.

Hand Painted Eye Nails

hand painted eye nails


Next we have, the hand painted eye nails. Hand painting gives you the freedom to try out any look that you love. These hand painted eye nails look highly appealing.

Cat Gel Eye Nail Art

cat gel eye nail art


The cat gel eye nail art is a hot favourite among girls and women due to its raunchy and bold look. This nail art is sure to make you a trendsetter in the world of fashion.

Cool Eye Nail Art

cool eye nail art


As the name suggests, the cool eye nail art is extremely cool and stylish. This nail art has a glamorous touch to it. The double colour shades enhance the attractiveness of the nails. You may also see Fish Nail Designs

Simple Eye Nail Art

simple eye nail art


Eye Lashes Nail Art Idea

eye lashes nail art idea


Eye Toe Nail Art Design

eye toe nail art design


Purple Eye Ball Nail Art

purple eye ball nail art


Easy Eye Nail Art Design

easy eye nail art design


Cute Eye Nail Art for Long Nails

cute eye nail art for long nails


Some amazing trends in eye nail art that are gaining increasing popularity are the ones with dotted designs and the linear designs. Nail art is the result of the great combination of creativity and art. A great way to keep your nails healthy and make them look stylish at the same time is to apply French tip nails.

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