Don’t we all love doing our nails. Pretty nails make pretty girls. Well how about a little different this time. How about we tell you to design your pretty nails to make them look extravagantly gorgeous. Here are few ideas on how exactly you can do up your nails and flaunt them off.

Modern Candy Nail Art

modern candy nail art


Let two stand out while the others reflect like a rainbow. The messy nail art gives a contemporary look which makes you stand out in the crowd.

If you are the girl who is wild and loves bright colours, this neon pink nail design is the perfect fit for you. This shouts out about your personality from every angle. The bright neon pink is definitely an attention catcher.

Funky Nail Art for Long Nails

funky nail art for long nails


Do you like growing your nails long but confused about how to design it and style it. Do you want to stand out from boring dull colours. This one has got to be for you. Nature is calling, indeed. Get your nails designed to nature, animals, birds and flowers. Stay unique. Stay gorgeous.

Are you not very comfortable with loud and bright colours or trying something different? Well this one has got to be for you. This shouts subtly from every angle and not to make it very boring or monotonous, you can add a bright unique looking design. The rose coloured pink makes it look gorgeous and neat.

Forget nature and subtlety if you are a funky and fun loving person. We have got the perfect design for you if you love experimenting and feel like a teenage girl all over again. Each nail with a new design is eye catching and definitely an attention seeker.

A touch of fairy dust for the Cinderella in you: Are you a person who loves a little bit of glitter in everything? Well this is something different; it not only is a mixture of different colours but also a combination of plain, glitter different designs on the nails.

Pink and white with some add on to make that beautiful part outfit of yours look perfect. It is the perfect combination of chic and elegance.

This summer let nothing stop you from looking gorgeous, not even your nails. Give those nails the perfect summer look. This is the perfect combination of summer funkiness, brightness and glitter. Summer also brings joy.

Baby Pink Gel Polished Nails

baby pink gel polished nails


Is pink your favourite colour and there are just too many pinks to choose from? Well you may love a lot of pinks but there is nothing like your baby pink. This depicts a sense of innocence. Well don’t just paint them pink, add a little funkiness to it and make sure you stand out.

Awesome Candy Nail Art Design

awesome candy nail art design


Don’t we all love Candy? How cool would it be if we could get them painted on our nails? Candy designs are not only in nowadays but are also very catchy. They appear to be multi coloured and will definitely draw someone’s attention.

Sweet Nail Art Idea

sweet nail art idea


Lovely Toe Nail Art

lovely toe nail art


Gorgeous Candy Nail Art Idea

gorgeous candy nail art idea


Elegant Blue Nail Art for Square Nails

elegant blue nail art for square nails


Charming Nail Design with Hearts

charming nail design with hearts


Super Cute Toe Nail Art

super cute toe nail art


Pretty nails everywhere and they are all designed to perfection. Every style speaks differently and depicts a different sense of fashion. Be it any dress or any season, these designs will set in perfectly. Fashion speaks when you finally nail it.

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