Today, everyone wants to be different. Instagram accounts are filled with black-and-white filter pictures of anything to call yourself a ‘photographer’, watching obscure indie movies to impress your pitiful mainstream flick-catching friends, switching to almond milk and chia seeds for breakfast to stay ahead of all those dietary trends, and so on.

Who’s to say that doesn’t work? And more importantly, being considered unique is a good thing in many ways! Take your cue from this list of great nail art ideas, that are sure to make you really stand out in a crowd.

Red Rhinestone Unique Nail Design

red rhinestone unique nail design


Get these decadent Bijoux nails by applying a wicked red shade the base coat before using rhinestones to decorate your nails as much as you like. These remind one of Beverly Hills queens of the 70’s and 80’s.

Cute Lime Stamped Nail Art

cute lime stamped nail art


Super summery, this kind of nail art is certain to keep you cool throughout the hot days, just like a glass of lemonade! Apply a lime-green base coat and top off with a light layer of cucumber green, before stenciling the lime in with a toothpick.

Giraffe Print Nail Design

giraffee print nail design


Animal print nails is always in vogue. This giraffe print nail art is bound to bring out your beautiful, wild side. The extra sheen can be achieved by applying a top coat after you finish the prints.

Dark Blue Gel Nail Design

dark blue gel nail design


The rich, gel pen ink-ish blue might get a little boring after a while, but using either glitter paint, or even better artificial gemstones can instantly give a new life to the otherwise boring design.

Black and White Unique Nail Art

black and white unique nail art


With the sixth season of Game of Thrones wrapping up on a very important character leaving The House of Black and White, it’s important to have something to remember the plot. These designer nails will help you do just that – note how the style changes from avant-garde to full-on bling?

Funny Cartoon Nail Design on Acrylic Nails

funny cartoon nail design on acrylic nails


Now you can get as chic and sophisticated as you like with this minimalist black-grey-white nail art, but the smiley cartoon adds an element of fun that actually makes the look all the more stylish!

Pink Glitter Nail Art on Dark Skin

pink glitter nail art on dark skin


Hello, Paris Hilton Town! If you want candy-pink, heiress nails, check out this great idea for some rhinestone and glitter fun! Don’t forget to mix things up by having a preppy white and pink combination for your base coat.

Cute Brown Glitter Nail Design

cute brown glitter nail design


A slightly more elegant version of the previous, this uses a more subdued but classy shade of pink, with artfully applied brown glitter. Set the glitter with a clear top coat. Think Kate Middleton at a summer luncheon!

Gold Glitter Unique Nail Art

gold glitter unique nail art


This type of nail art is perfect for a Disney villain with oodles of style. See how the sheen over the glitter is achieved with a clear top coat. Don’t use too much of it, or you’ll go into garish territory.

Silver Checkered Nail Art for Cute Nails

silver checkered nail art for cute nails


And finally, a bit of bling never hurt anybody, especially if you incorporate a bit of the French (read: impossibly cool) fashion sense into it. Instead of white nail tips, use glittery french manicure and ready for game!

Silver Glitter Nail Design for Long Nails

silver glitter nail design for long nails


Black Striped Nail Design on Orange Nails

black striped nail design on orange nails


Pink Shimmer Nail Design

pink shimmer nail design


Colorful Rainbow Nail Art

colorful rainbow nail art


Awesome Striped Glitter Nail Art

awesome striped glitter nail art


Geometric Nail Design

geometric nail design


Purple Floral Print Nail Design

purple floral print nail design


Black Polka Dot Nail Design

black polka dot nail design


Unique Rhinestone Nail Design

unique rhinestone nail design


Blue and White Gel Nail Art

blue and white gel nail art


Deep Purple Nail Design

deep purple nail design


Hope these tips (pun intended) have helped! Don’t forget to send us your ideas and the results of replicating the ones from the list as well. It’s good to work hard at being different – but don’t try too hard either. If this is too complicated for you, stick to the basics and pick out whatever you’re most comfortable with. It’s all about you, after all.

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