The pearl nail art trend is catching up like fire! One of the reasons why this nail art is so popular is that it’s high on the elegance quotient. Pearls can make any dress or accessory look elegant. All things pearly have the attribute of daintiness. Pearl nail art design is usually done on a pastel coat of nail color and refined embellishments. Wedding nail designs are in, with all the pearly and lacy details thrown in!

Pearl and Diamond Nail Design

pearl and diamond nail


This nail finish has the lightest shade of mauve and a gloss on it. Painted in French manicure style, it is suitable for women of all age groups. Just make sure that the length of the nail is long enough for the French manicure tidbits.

Pearl Bead Nail Art

pearl bead nail art


This is a gel shade of double colors in hot pink and white. Also, glued on it randomly are pearls and metallic embellishments. This design is loud and kitschy. It might not suit everyone. Avoid it if you can, unless you are attending a loud theme party. You may also see Patriotic Nail Designs

A very elegant design with a baby pink coat of nail polish looks lovely on anyone. The top of the finger nail is covered in doily like texture and polka of pearly dots glued on. This lacy texture randomized with metallic embellishments gives it a unique look.

Pearl Wedding Nail Art

pearl wedding nail art


This is a highly stylized and an embellished nail art beautified with pearls and metallic finish. The motif is alternated with two different designs. One has a complete filling of the ethnic motifs, the others only have a tiny part of the motif.

Pearl Studs Nail Art

pearl studs nail art


A baby pink color coat of nail polish and only two fingers have three big pearls glued on. It is suitable for women of all age groups. However, using pearls this big size for nail art looks a little out of place. You can use smaller pearls to make it look elegant.

A peach color coat of nail polish with a bunch of pearls in white glued on. Also, is an element of a tiny metallic embellishment glued onto to this nail design. This is a rhinestone nail art that can be used for any oriental weddings.

A white and pink textured nail art design suits young girls in their teens. The white color is textured in the shape of a rose. The pink coat has glitter and suits on long and short nails.

This white nail art design has a beautiful texture of shells. It also has tiny metallic embellishments to give it that subtle bold look sitting pretty in elegance. A beautiful nail art for the summer bride!

French Pearl Nail Tip

french pearl nail tip


Shaded in skin color, this French nail art has tiny pearls and a metallic embellishment glued on to a few fingers. Brides, bridesmaids, go ahead and try this nail art design! It brings in finesse and a touch of class to the nails.

Bridal Nail Art Design

bridal nail art design


Long nails in a light peach finish, has an array of pearl embellishments placed diagonally on the fingernails. This is an artistic and a beautiful design that can be applied to blend into an ethnic outfit. Do not wear a western dress when trying out this design. You may also see Rose Nail Designs

Pearl Rainbow Nail Art

pearl rainbow nail art


Glitter Pearl Nail Art Idea

glitter pearl nail art idea


Beautiful Pearl Party Nails

beautiful pearl party nails


Acrylic Pearl Nail Design

acrylic pearl nail design


Green Pearl Nail Art

green pearl nail art


Awesome Pearl Nails Idea

awesome pearl nails idea


Unique Pearl Nail Art

unique pearl nail art


Pearl Nail Art for Square Nails

pearl nail art for square nails


Lace nail art is so much in vogue; brides are simply vouching for it! For all the brides of all the age groups, these are the nail art designs that bring freshness to your hand. Imagine, what beautiful nails you have to show when your beau is going to put that diamond onto your fingers!

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