Why spend so much money, time, and effort to do a manicure that would require a repetition every week? There’s a much cheaper and gorgeous way to spice up your nails. These nail art designs are available for free and can both be brought on your local shop or experimented on a DIY basis. Let’s take a look at 21 very cute and gorgeous rhinestone nail art design. We bet that you will fall in love with your nails again!

Hello Kitty Nail Design Idea

hello kitty nail design idea


A gradient of pink and white is a hot combination for long nails. To make things more girly, you can use one of these hello kitty nail design and Swarovski rhinestone crystals. Easy to wear, it will effortlessly make people love you!

Black and Gold Rhinestone Nail Art

black and gold nail art


Time to go back in history and relive the old world charm. The combination of black and gold is particularly catchy and makes us think of royal beauties like Cleopatra! Well, you can be the princess of this age with these beautiful black and gold rhinestone nail art designs. Team it up with matching rings to make things bolder.

Red Nails with Bow Design

red nails with bow design


Red and girls go hand in hand! These bow nail art design in particular make the polish even more desirable. This would be perfect if you are preparing for a casual party or a walk to the supermarket.

Cute Purple Nail Design

cute purple nail design


Rhinestone nail art design is a popular trend today and one of the simplest ways to wear it is this example. A purple solid for a base, these white rhinestone crystals provide the perfect contrast to it. While these glitter away effortlessly, be sure to attract more glances than usual.

Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

coffin nails with rhinestones


A little to the darker side, these coffin nail color can be a unique design. Add a few rhinestone crystals to provide a balanced contrast to the setup.

Summer Nail Designs With Rhinestones

summer nail designs with rhinestones


Subtle accents and colors can be gorgeous too. This camo green in particular will keep things simple and you can use a couple of rhinestone art stickers to break the monotony. From a single round rhinestone to a whole assemble of it – experiment as you wish.

Floral Rhinestone Nail Art Idea

floral rhinestone nail art idea


Red Color Gel Nails

red color gel nails


Gorgeous Purple Nails With Silver Glitter

gorgeous purple nails with silver glitter


White Nails Design Picture

cute white nail design


Dark Blue Crystal Nails

dark blue crystal nails


Brown Acrylic Nails Design Picture

brown acrylic nail design picture


If you liked our murals, do feel free to share your thoughts! We would also like to hear more ideas about rhinestone nail art designs that you wear.

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