The modern woman especially working moms sometimes are so busy that they can be completely unaware of the latest trend of nail designs. While black was the go to matte nail, nowadays they come in so many colors which are easy to apply on either the fingers or toenails. If you are tired of the same old trends, then check the following matte nail designs in this list to give you some inspiration on how to glam your nails.

Matte Black Nails

Chic and stunning we can’t help but love matte black nails. They fit both informal and formal events as well as complement any outfit color. You can apply the black matte nail polish in either short or long nails, and you will still look stunning.

Matte Black Acrylic Nail Design

matte black acrylic nail


White Matte Nails

If you are looking for a way to make your nails stand out in the most elegant way, then opt for white matte nails. You will be looking glamorous in no time all you need to paint your nails with white matte polish. The plain white color will look good for women who prefer one color nail polish.

White Matte Almond Nail Design

white matte almond nail design


Matte Stiletto Nails

What’s not to love about nails that look chic yet depicts your creativity, and with matte stiletto nails you can do just that. The trick to looking trendy and modern is to ensure your nails are sharp just like your favorite stiletto high heels and apply any matte nail polish of your choice.

Matte Black Stiletto Nail Design

matte black stiletto nail design


Matte Black and Glitter Stiletto Nails

matte black and glitter stiletto nails


Red Matte Stiletto Nails

red matte stiletto nail


Matte Gel Nails

If you prefer subtle nail art, then go for matte gel nails in one color. Choose neutral colors such as black, white or glitters that you can easily pair with any outfit. You can also go for gel nails that incorporate two matte nail polishes just ensure the base is in a subtle color.

Glitter Matte Nails

Bold and daring are what you will depict when you rock glitter matte nails. Matte nail polish with glitters is so versatile that you can pick top three of your favorite colors and alternate them every week. You can also use a matte polish with glitters to cover chipping nails.

Sparkly Matte Nails

sparkly matte nails


Matte Acrylic Nail Designs

If you need to show off your diamond engagement ring with style, then opt for matte acrylic nail designs. You can add long acrylic nails in any color to your short nails just ensure you choose a look that makes your nails look natural and don’t forget to go for regular touch ups.

Matte Gray Acrylic Nails

matte gray acrylic nails


Matte Stiletto Acrylic Nails

matte stiletto acrylic nails


Matte Polka Dot Nails

Sometimes we ladies need a bit of color to uplift a gloomy day, and matte polka can do that for you. To make your nails eye-catching yet sophisticated opt for a classic color such as black or white and make that your background color for applying polka dots in different colors.

Matte Black and White Polka Dot Nails

matte black and white polka dot nails


Sheer Matte Polka Dot Nail Art

sheer matte polka dot nail art


Animal Prints Matte Nails

Formal environments can be the trick to rock bold nail art that is why you should go for subtle animal print matte nails like zebra which uses black and white matte nail polish. However, if your work setting is not that strict, you can opt to show your wild side by going for bold animal prints.

Cheetah Print Matte Nails

cheetah print matte nails


Matte Coffin Nail Designs

Matte coffin nail designs generally are long nails that are shaped to look like a coffin. The slim shape adds an edge to the nail design ensuring that you make a statement with these nails. Whether you want to include rhinestones, glitters or studs, these nails will impress.

Pink Matte Coffin Nails

pink matte coffin nails


Matte Coffin Acrylic Nails

matte coffin acrylic nails


Matte Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

matte coffin nails with rhinestones


Matte Pastel Nails

If most of the days you wear a neutral suit to work then matte pastel nails will complement your work outfit. They suit a daytime look and spring as well as summer seasons. To make a statement that you will go all out for your nails then do them in a pastel rainbow shade.

Pastel Pink Matte Nails

pastel pink matte nails


Matte Pastel Purple Nail Design

matte pastel purple nail design


French Tip Matte Nails

Matte lips are trending right now, and you can embrace this trend by going for a French tip matte nails. Instead of the standard white French tips, give your nails an edge by opting for silver or metallic tips or using two contrasting bold colors.

Black French Tip Matte Nails

black french tip matte nails


Matte Holographic Nails

From beauty bloggers, runway shows captured in Instagram to models walking the streets; matte holographic nails are the new obsession. You have the option of going to a salon to get your nails done in a holographic design or do it at home using holographic powder.

Matte Holographic Stiletto Nail Design

matte holographic stiletto nail design1


Matte Silver Holographic Nails

matte silver holographic nails


Matte Neon Nail Designs

Matte neon nail designs will always look beautiful when you combine two shades. Applying a matte pink nail polish on the entire nails and then adding yellow tips is one way to go about it or use different neon colors on each nail and surround the edges of your nails using matte black.

Neon Matte Leopard Print Nail Art

neon matte leopard print nail art


Matte Nails With Rhinestones

The best way to pull off cute nail designs is to add rhinestones. The sparkly nature of rhinestones on any matte color base will make your fingers look chic. For a glossy look add your rhinestone in a curved line against a base of white, dark purple, bright pink or nude nails.

Matte Royal Blue Nails with Rhinestones

matte royal blue nails with rhinestones


3D Matte Nails with Rhinestones

3d matte nails with rhinestones


Red Matte nails

Red matte nails are perfect for night parties as this shade is versatile enough to be done in any design. So make your red matte nails steal the spotlight by opting to do them in geometric patterns or negative space.

Black and Red Matte Nails

black and red matte nails


Red Matte Coffin Nails

red matte coffin nails


Snowflake Red Matte Nails

snowflake red matte nails


Matte nails are ideal for women who need their nails to look classy and elegant yet still feel with their work settings. To make your nails sleek yet girly, just add rhinestones against black nail designs. The best part about matte black nails is their flexibility to seamlessly complement any accessory.

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