Jet-Black Nails are not missing from the list of the trendiest spring and summer 2015. Though monochrome dark shades are the trend for the season, black nails have their own beauty trend.

Antonio Marras sent the models stunning down the runway with the combo of the macro half-moon designs with the classic black shades and the additional nude elements, while Carmen Marc Valvo focused on the super chic matte black nails matched with silver.Matte Nails are one of the new nail trends around coming with chic designs, while black and green combination creates the perfect emerald tone.

Almond Black Nail Design

gorgeous black nail design

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A lot of girls and women are fearless when it comes to experimenting with their nail shape and nail designs. Almond black nail design is a hot favorite these days and you should try the style too!

Black Nail Art for Short Nails

stressing black nail design

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Short nails can are too much fun to stylize and design for. With just the right kind of black nail polish you can deck up your short nails with amazing designs, marbling is one hot trend you must try.

Black and Silver Nail Art

pool black nail design

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Black and silver nail polish on nails is a magical combination. Paint your nails all black and do silver touch up, the end-result you get is very elegant. You simply cannot go wrong with this one.

Simple Black Nail Manicure

doctor black nail design

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If you wish not to deck up your nails with a complicated nail design, a simple black nail manicure is your safest bet then. This style of manicure is always in vogue, so a nail faux pas with this one is impossible!

Pitch Black Nail Polish Ideas

makeup black nail design

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Pitch black nail polish is the latest nail design rage on the market these days. Just one coat and your nails are dressed up for just about any occasion.

Coal-Black Nail Manicure

black nail design

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Coal black nail polish is the latest hot favorite with the girls and women. This awesome new variation of the black nail polish family is an absolute must-have.

Black 80’s Inspired Nail Manicure

red lips black nail design

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Want the 80s’ feel in your nail design? A lacy black nail design paired up with hot pink nail polish is a very good idea!

Black Stiletto Nail Polish

lovely black nail design

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Celebrities love this nail design very much and if you haven’t got wind of it, it’s not too late yet.  Trust Black Stiletto Nails to make the bold fashion statement for you!

Black French Tip Nail Art

black on black nail design

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Stand from the crowd; opt for Black French Tip Nail Art to spruce up your nails with for this fashion season!

Glittering Black Nail Design

gel black nail design

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Sass & Bide debut their rounded nails with black striped nude nails at House of Holland, which complemented a brush of black over the lids.Black claw-like designs on the nails make an interesting look that perfectly matches fresh and youthful appearances.

Squoval Magnetic Black Nails Manicure

suspension black nail design

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You must have heard or seen the magnetic nail polish which is a hot favorite with the ladies and young girls these days. With the magnetic black nail polish, you can create nail design which is unique and probably not the easiest for anyone else to duplicate!

Black Textures Nail Art

shiny black nail design

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Create amazing nail art using black nail polish, and then finally using a nail art brush draw interesting textured patterns of your choice.

Matte Black Arrow Nail Design

arrow black nail design

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Black matte nail designs are an absolute stunner. Use the right kind of black matte nail polish and you’d be surprised how awesome your nails end up looking!

Glittering Black Nail Art

dot black nail design

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Mix Match Nail Designs

inspire black nail design

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Black Braid Nail Art

dope black nail design

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The braided fishtail nails are a design which has caught the fancies of all women and girls. They cannot seem to get enough of this stunning nail design! The trick is akin to braiding of hair; here each nail color overlaps with the other to create the braided effect.

Black and Dark Glitter Nail Art

sliver sparkles black nail design

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For festive funky nails, the combination of black and sparkle is just perfect. The trick to do this is very simple. Coat your nails twice or thrice with black nail polish and then sprinkle in some glitter to funk up the appearance.

Black and White Nail Design

que black nail design

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Black and while nail designs are always fashionable and timelessly fail proof. If you’re going this route, be as creative and imaginative with whatever you design!

Shiny Black Nail Design

cute black nail design

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Shiny black nails have always been in vogue. Just one stroke of your favorite shiny black nail polish on your fingertips, and it goes very well with all kinds of looks!

Black Bottom Nail Art

feature black nail design

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Yet another creative nail design which you could try with black nail polish is the black bottom nail art. For this you need to paint nails with dual colors – one obviously being black, and it would have to be at the bottom of the nail.

Oval Black Nail Design

shine black nail design

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If you like your nails to look extreme, we’d recommend you give your nails the oval shape, and up the boldness by polishing them in black nail paint.

Matte Black Square Nail Design

black with whispy black nail design

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If you have square shaped nails and want to give them a cool nail design makeover, popular suggestion would be to deck them up in matte black nail polish. Never fails!

Black Leopard Nail Art

rose and black nail design

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Animal print nail designs are a huge craze these days. Want to make a hot fashion statement with your nails? Black leopard nail art should be your go-to design this season!

Black and Gold Nail Art

got it black nail design

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Nail designs combining the epic colors black and gold are limitless. Whatever shape your nails might be in, black and gold nail can dress them like no other can!

Black Sliver Half Moon Nail Art

chocolate black nail design

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This is one of those timeless nail designs which the girls and women have a nail-crush on. It is a simple to do design, and looks extremely sophisticated!

Black Half Tip Nail Design

glitter black nail design

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Black Nail Art with Copper Tips

gorgeous in black nail design

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This nail design is surely you win you lots of attention. Apply black nail paint as usual, add crowning glory by crafting an interest pattern in copper color.

Dark Black Nail Manicure

pure black nail design

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Zig Zag Black Nail Art

stylish black nail design

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Short Black Nail Manicure

sexy black nail design

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Throughout Fashion Week, Misha Nonoo combined a bare face with black nail lacquer to emphasize the dark grace. Alice + Olivia added their dramatic touch with the black nail polish paired with gold flecks shimmering to add a bit of bohemian and art deco.Meanwhile, Giamba went a bit crazy with symbols drawn out in black all over the models nails and fingers, necessarily to make the dots on the face around the eyes to complete the runway look.

Ideas and Trends

Flowers in Black: This is a rather unconventionally attractive nail design wherein the boldness of the black base is off set wonderfully by the delicate pink buds and together they create a magical contrast.
Ombre: The ombre trend is fast catching the interest of lots of women and girls. It’s a trick design wherein you coat the thumb or pinky finger in bleak black and then gradually move to grayer shades in the palette.
Houndstooth: For this design, pick up a black matt nail polish and color three nails using the matte polish. On the two remaining finger nails, pick out another color and draw in an interesting pattern on both.
Black Mosaic: Enliven your nails with the interesting mosaic nail designs. To accentuate the design further, stylists recommend you try pebble-like hues on the design!
Black Leopard Nail Art: To achieve this nail design all you need to do is apply a coat of black satin nail polish, allow it to dry. Follow it up with freehand drawing of leopard spots using black polish.
Black Nails and Crystal Flowers: If you’re looking to make your nails appear beautifully bold and feminine, apply a good coat of black nail polish and finish it up a floral crystal design.

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