Coffin nails are a particular style and shape of nails that are coffin shaped at the end and flattened in order to create a longer and glamorous shape of nail. The nails are then painted to your own style and design so that you can develop the perfect nail design for your taste. These nail designs can be created in a variety of colours and styles so that you can have longer nails that are gorgeous and stylish. You may also See

Glitter Coffin Nails

Glitter coffin nails use glitter in the design to create a very festive and fun design that is perfect for big events, parties, and other occasions. The glitter can be used for a Christmassy design or for a big party to celebrate and match your outfit.

Glitter Coffin Pink Nail Design

glitter coffin pink nail design


Coffin Long Nail Designs

Acrylic nails are added onto the real nail in order to extend the nail and create a longer and more colorful design. Long coffin nail designs are ideal for those who struggle to grow their natural nails to a long shape.

Coffin Long Acrylic Nail Art

coffin long arcylic nail art


Coffin Long Gel Nails

coffin long gel nails


Matte Coffin Nails

Matte coffin nails are painted in any color and are then painted with a matte topcoat in order to remove the glossy sheen and create a matte look that is very popular in modern styles nowadays. You may also See Red Nail Designs

Maroon Matte Coffin Nails

merun matte coffin nails


Glitter Matte Coffin Nail Art

glitter matte coffin nail art


Coffin French Tip Nails

Coffin French tip nails are long coffin nails with a French tip. French tips are white tips in order to use the natural color of the nails and create a glamorous and classical design of nail that is longer than the natural nail.

Rhinestones Coffin French Tip Nails

rhinestones coffin french tip nails


Black Coffin Nails

Black coffin nails are a simple coffin nail shape with black nail polish on the top. This could be in a Halloween design, in a plain black matte or gloss polish in order to create a beautiful and minimalistic coffin nail design.

Glitter and Black Coffin Nails

glitter black coffin nails


Short Coffin Nails

Short coffin nail designs are a simple coffin nail design that is shorter than other designs. Short coffin nail designs allow you to have beautiful nails but slightly shorter so that you can still have long nails but still manageable nails.

Green and Yellow Short Coffin Nails

green and yellow short coffin nails


Leopard Short Coffin Nails

leapard short coffin nails


Coffin Shaped Nail Designs

Coffin shaped nail designs are simple and squared of nail designs so that you can create a beautiful extended nail designs. These designs can be painted in many different colors and designs so that you can create any nail design that you like. You may also See Stiletto Nail Designs

Camo Coffin Shaped Nails

camo coffin shaped nails


Blue Coffin Shaped Nails

blue coffin shaped nails


Gold Coffin Nail Design Trends

Gold coffin nail trends are very glamorous nail designs. They use gold in the main part of the design to create an elegant and beautiful nail design that you can pair with outfit for a fancy design. You may also See Short Nail Designs

3D Gold Coffin Nail Design

3d gold coffin nail design


Coffin Gel Nails

Coffin gel nails are creates with acrylics and gels in order to extend your natural nail and give it a coffin shape. These nail designs are simple and are ideal for those who struggle to grow their natural nails very long.

Coffin Gel Short Nails

coffin gel short nails


Blue Coffin Gel Nails

blue coffin gel nails


Acrylic Coffin Nail Designs

Acrylic nails extend the natural nail with acrylic gel so that you can create a longer nail design. These designs can be shaped and painted in any design that you like to suit your personal style and outfit.

Pink Acrylic Coffin Nails

pink acrylic coffin nails


Long Acrylic Coffin Nails

long acrylic coffin nails


Coffin nail designs are a very simple nail design with a straight end to the nail. These designs can be painted and designed to any style and preference so that you can have longer nails that fit your style and personality. These designs are very simple and very glamorous.

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