Nail Designs and Ideas

Nail Designs involve creating attractive art by using a variety of tools and nail polish. Picking the right tools can be a challenge, especially for a beginner so peep it simple and work your way up to the chosen designs and tools. Nail designs can be eye-catching and beautiful. However, inexperienced nail artists may often design nail art that is visually displeasing. Dotters will allow buyers to create perfect lines and dots on the nail while brushes are great for freestyle painting. Choose high quality nail polish for the best effect and to make the process as easy as possible and achieve the best results. Read More

Nail Polish Designs I Should Consider

From polka dots to the classic French tip, creating the foundation for some nail designs can be tricky. Add a simple touch of glitter to base coats or paint a chevron nail art design. Grab inspiration from fashion with nail art designs inspired by designers and celebrities that are full of textures, which even includes faux fur and a shell. Create monochrome black and white quilts from Chanel or floral print nails inspired by Rebecca Minkoff. Look to DVF for the ultimate color blocked nail art designs.

Nail Art Supplies

Nail dotters are basic tools that require a long stylus. It is used to place circles and dots of polish onto a nail design. While some are double-headed, you can also purchase individual dots. Brushes are another basic tool as they vary from fan-shaped brushes to long, thin stripers to short and delicate. Embellishments are favored among nail artists including characters and rhinestones. Stampers and image plates take enough practice but produce gorgeous intricate designs.

Creative Styles of Nail Art Designs

Holiday-themed nail designs allow you to show your festive side as they are the perfect way to embrace the seasonal occasion. Candy corn, bloody drip, and creepy nail designs for Halloween while you paint candy canes and Christmas trees for Christmas. Create sparkling fireworks for the fourth of July or pink and red hearts for Valentine’s Day. For brides, you will want a polished yet subtle style to complement the new wedding ring with shades of something blue, nude French tip, or even a sweet embellished ring finger.


Nail art designs require a steady hand, artistic eyes, the right tools, and creativity. The basic elements of nail designs is a variety of polish as black and white paint is recommended. Nail dotters and brushes are useful to make the designs more elegant and creative or use in conjunction with stencils.