Women love to experiment so that they can have a new look that makes them more alluring and different. Pointy nails have become a trendy style that many ladies are embracing. While manicure enthusiasts may term them as impractical especially for active women, these nail designs are sleek, feminine and sexy. Most importantly they have an added benefit of making your fingers appear slender. Whether you prefer short comfortable pointy nails or want to experiment with long lengths, in this article, there is a pointy nail for different looks. You may also See Royal Blue Nail Art

Black Pointy Nail Design

Black pointy nails show elegance. The pointy design together with the black hue works to make your fingers appear slender and long. They complement any formal or casual outfit so that you will look classy even with your business suit.

Pointy Acrylic Nails

When it comes to nails, variations are endless. This pointy acrylic nail has a pink natural look that is also feminine. This shade of pink is less shouting hence will look appropriate with other outfit colors as well as in a business environment.

pointy acrylic nails


Pointy Pink Nail Design

Pink comes in many shades and looks feminine even when mixed with other nail polish. These pointy pink nail designs combine glitters on a few of the nails and white lace pattern on the remaining nails. The sparkles are added in asymmetrical design which further makes them interesting.

pointy pink nail design


White Pointy Nail Design

These pointy nails look as if the wearer dipped them in milk! They have a clean, simple and fresh look that makes them simply adorable. They are great step up for girls who love French manicure and are perfect for prom, birthday, anniversary or an engagement party. You may also See Animal Print Nails

white pointy nail design


Pointy Square Nails

Give an edge to your square nails by getting them in a pointy design. These square pointy nails have a nude look that is emphasized by adding red nail polish around the edges. For a dramatic look, one nail incorporates rhinestones which are placed all over the nail surface.

pointy square nails


Glitter Pointy Nails

If you feel glamorous, share it with those around you by adding glitters to your pointy nails. Gold pointy nails have a bling effect that will make any simple outfit look stylish. It is timeless so you can opt for these nail color in any season. For ladies with chipped nail polish just add a coat or two of glitter nail polish, and you are ready to hit the club.

glitter pointy nails


Matte Pointy Nail Design

Whether on short or long nails, matte pointy nail designs have a fashion forward look. While there are endless colors you can try, the non-shinny element is what makes these nail designs popular. Burgundy nails will look beautiful with a matte finish.

3d Pointy Nail Art Design

Are you a fun of 3D technology? Do you know which colors look good on a 3d nail design? Stick on, and 3d nail decorations can give you a futuristic look you want. If you are trying this look for the first time, then start with fake 3d pointy nail art designs which you can remove in case of any mess. For a trendy and colorful look, go for holographic 3d nails. You may also See Shoe Nail Art

3d pointy nail art design


From celebrities, fashion icons and bloggers, pointy nails have been embraced by many different successful women. They have a bold look that makes them sexy and alluring. With countless designs available to date, you have to be careful not to cause injuries, especially with long stiletto nail designs. So experiment with different designs, until you get nails that look stunning on you.

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