The origin of nail designs originates from around 5000B.C. from ancient Egypt. Since then the art of enhancing, beautifying and decorating one’s nails has changed and evolved. Millions of women around the world get their nails manicured or pedicured to shape and polish their nails. There is a variety of nail designs that anyone can choose to have. Following this, we are going to show you the top 20 trending nail designs you can have.

Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nail designs are created with mixtures of polymer powder and liquid that is applied directly on the nails. With this mixture, the length of the nails can be extended to the desired length. Acrylics last longer than simple nail polish, however, the nails need to breathe once in awhile.

Black Acrylic Nail Design

acrylic nail designs


Glitter Acrylic Nail Design

glitter acrylic nail design


Toe Nail Designs

During the summer season, the feet get immense exposure. This means that having a pedicure is important. Toenail designs help you achieve great looks for your feet. Additionally, you can use nail art for medical reasons after serious infections.

Flower Toe Nail Design

flower toe nail design1


Beach Toe Nail Design

beach toe nail design


Purple Toe Nail Design

floral toe nail design


Gel Nail Designs

Gel nails designs have a chemical combination that is applied in layers on the fingernails or toenails. Each layer of this combination needs to be cured under a UV or LED light in order for the nails to harden. Gel nails have a glossy finish that you can easily maintain.

Summer Gel Nail Design

summer gel nail design


Pink Gel Nail Design

pink gel nail design1


Gel Nail Design with Rhinestones

gel nail design with rhinestones


French Tip Nail Designs

The timeless look of the French tip nail designs is commonly and widely known. This versatile design can have a nude, pink or beige base with pure white for the tips. However, this design has many variations that can be achieved by using other color combinations with the same elegant results.

White French Tip Nail Design

white french tip nail design


French Tip Nail Design with Flowers

french tip nail design with flowers


French Tip Zebra Nail Design

french tip zebra nail design


Matte Nail Designs

Glossy and shiny nails are cute but nothing screams understated elegance like a matte nail design. A matte nail polish basically changes the layer of shiny nail polish into a matte finish. You can easily do it and experiment with various colors and polish pigmentations for stunning nail art designs.

Black Matte Nail Design

black matte nail design


Matte Pointy Nail Design

matte pointy nail design


Red Matte Nail Design

red matte nail design


Stiletto Nail Designs

Having cat claws can be dangerous so you have to be certain that stiletto nail designs are for you. Their design consists of long oval shaped nails that have a pointed tip. Because of the length, this nail design is created with acrylics or fake nails making it high maintenance.

Short Stiletto Nail Design

short stiletto nail design


Stiletto Square Nail Design

stiletto square nail design


Wedding Nail Designs

A wedding nail art design is going to make you look amazing on your most special day. These nail designs can use white or nude colors as well as pastels for an elegant look. Adding embellishments is also important to create something unique and stunning according to the bride’s wishes.

Gel Wedding Nail Design

gel wedding nail design


Heart Pattern Wedding Nails

heart pattern wedding nails


Wedding Toe Nail Design

wedding toe nail design


Glitter Nail Designs

Nail art is closely connected with glitters. Those shiny little flakes play an important role in the way the end result will look. Glitter nail designs require a really careful approach on the way they should be applied, in order to get a glamorous look equal to a professional work.

Shellac Glitter Nail Design

shellac glitter nail design


Pink Glitter Nail Design

pink glitter nail design1


Spring Nail Designs

Spring is all about colors and flowers. Nature’s awakening is the main source of inspiration for spring nail designs. These designs use every available color pallet creating stunning combinations. Moreover, the addition of other designs like flowers, stripes or glitters can add a glamorous tone during the spring season.

Spring Flower Nail Design

spring flower nail design


Spring Toe Nail Design

spring toe nail design


Short Nail Designs

Short nails can get amazing nail art designs and look classy and cute. The designs that are used for long nails can be used on short ones too with just a few alterations in some cases. Designs like stripes, geometrical patterns, rhinestones, glitters, and flowers offer a variety of options.

Short Square Nail Design

short square nail design


Funny Nail Designs

Funny nail designs require a great deal of creative spirit and imagination. Creating designs with various color combinations as well as shapes and form leads to a funny but stunning look that is suitable for many occasions. Designs such as geometric shapes or multicolored nail art can give extraordinary results.

Funny Cartoon Nail Design

funny cartoon nail design


Funny Fruit Nail Art

funny fruit nail art


3D Nail Designs

Three-dimensional nail art adds a touch of glamorous effect on the nails. These nail designs are created with a variety of materials like acrylic, rhinestones or plastic. It is also strongly advised to have a 3D design on acrylic nails due to their extra strength and room they provide.

3d Flower Nail Art Design

3d flower nail art design


3d Valentine Nail Design

3d valentine nail design


3d Heart Nail Design

3d heart nail design


Animal Nail Designs

Depending on the desired effect, animal prints can give a different look every time. Animal nail designs allow for versatile creativity that leads to beautiful art. From wild animals like leopards to cute domesticated ones like dogs, there is a great variety to choose from and create amazing nail art.

Farm Animal Nail Design

farm animal nail design


Leopard Print Nail Design

leopard print nail design1


Cute Animal Nail Design

cute animal nail design


Flower Nail Designs

Nails can be decorated with flowers. Flower nail designs provide a romantic and feminine touch with colorful nail art. Nature offers for great ideas that inspire many designs like roses or daisies, that can give exquisite results for your nails. Moreover, their simple design can be easily recreated at home.

Daisy Flower Nail Design

daisy flower nail design


Hibiscus Flower Nail Design

hibiscus flower nail design


Halloween Nail Designs

Every occasion has its own nail art. The same applies for Halloween. This is the time that the craziest of designs can be created to help you get in the Halloween spirit. Vibrant colors and dark shades are monopolizing everyone’s attention while the variety is going to shock your senses.

Halloween Pumpkin Nail Design

halloween pumpkin nail design1


Scary Halloween Nail Design

scary halloween nail design


Halloween Spider Web Nail Design

halloween spider web nail design


Tribal Nail Designs

Tribal designs consist of creative combinations of stripes, shapes, and dots that create a captivating look. In order to create designs like these, you need only the appropriate tools that will help you achieve a beautiful result on your fingernails and toenails. It is easily done with a little practice.

Black and White Tribal Nail Design

black and white tribal nail design


Tribal Aztec Nail Design

tribal aztec nail design


Tribal Pattern Nail Design

tribal pattern nail design


Prom Nail Designs

Prom nail designs need to be unique and to reflect on every girl’s tastes and personal style. Rhinestones and gemstones and glitters along with 3D nail art are the most fashionable choices for this special night. Also, gradient effects with soft colors and negative nail art are the current trend.

Silver Nail Design for Prom

silver nail design for prom


Polka Dot Nail Designs

Polka dots have an all time classic that can upgrade every nail art design. The polka dot design can be incorporated on all nails or on the accent nail for a glamorous and girly effect. The colors vary from matching to contrasting pallets that you can use for stunning designs.

Colorful Polka Dot Nail Design

colorful polka dot nail design


Stripes and Polka Dot Nail Design

stripes and polka dot nail design


Oval Nail Designs

The oval shape of the nails provides for a slimmer and longer look on your fingers. It’s perfect for longer nails and can be easily maintained since there are no edges to cause breakage. The rounded tip adds an elegant and feminine touch to every nail art you might choose.

Oval Acrylic Nail Design

oval acrylic nail design


Summer Nail Designs

Summer brings to mind exotic beaches and flowers set on a dreamy sunset. Summer nail designs require bright colors that you can use in every possible combination providing a fashionable look for every occasion. Rhinestones, nail stickers, and pearls are great options to decorate your nails for immense elegant effect.

Bright Summer Nail Design

bright summer nail design


Summer Holiday Nail Design

summer holiday nail design


Summer Shellac Nail Design

summer shellac nail design


In order to maintain your fabulous nail designs you have to be extra careful. Moisturize your hands and nails frequently especially during the cold months of the year. Additionally make sure to use protection gloves in case you have to work with cleaning products around the house, protecting your nails.

The great variety of nail art designs in colors, shapes, and decoration can give you endless options for every occasion.

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