Gel nails have gained a lot of popularity over the years because they enhance the beauty of the fingers as well as strengthen your natural nails. They are more natural looking, have a faster curing time as compared to acrylic nails, can last for more than one week and can be applied with or without a primer. Since we all have different preferences to nail art, we have gathered various gel nail designs to meet the needs of each woman.

Gel Nail Designs For Short Nails

If you love short nails, there is still a gel nail design that will look good on your fingers. You can opt for a summer theme which makes use of vibrant nail polishes such as orange and yellow or go for a floral pattern to show off your girly side.

Grey Gel Nail Design for Short Nails

grey gel nail design for short nails


Black Gel Nail Designs

You can’t go wrong by opting for black nail gel designs. They look chic in formal as well as casual events and provide the perfect base for adding rhinestones or glitters. Black hue looks beautiful in short as well as long nails. Consider your mood and mix and match black with any other color.

Pink Gel Nail Designs

If you love girly nail polishes, then you will love pink gel nail designs. Opt for designs with bright pink to help brighten up your mood. For a subtle look go for a design that integrates white or black polka dots against a plain pink base. For a bold look combine pink with silver color.

Neon Pink Gel Nail Design

neon pink gel nail design


Hot Pink Gel Nail Design

hot pink gel nail design


Gel Acrylic Nail Designs

Gel acrylic nail designs guarantee to give you sophistication and make your fingers look like they just stepped out of a red carpet! You can opt for dual colors to depict your bold personality, nude nails for a more natural effect or go for a modern look with geometric shapes.

Black Gel Acrylic Nail Design

black gel acrylic nail design


Gel Acrylic Glitter Nail Design

gel acryic glitter nail design


Gel Toe Nail Designs

Most of the times we focus more on our fingers nail and forget that even our natural toenails sometimes need a break from nail polish. So why not add gel toe nail designs to strengthen your toenails and give your feet that magical transformation.

French Tip Gel Nail Designs

French tip mani are classic and will always be on trend. With French tip gel nails design, you will look beautiful, and you can even opt for these nail designs during your wedding day or anniversary date. Instead of the standard white tips why not get creative and add a rainbow effect instead.

Glitter French Tip Gel Nail Design

glitter french tip gel nail design


Glitter Gel Nail Designs

Glitter gel nail designs are timeless and will complement any season. You can alternate different glitter shades by opting for the bright colors in summer or spring and stick to nails with fewer sparkles during formal events. For holidays the more glitters you have, the more you fit the celebration mood.

Silver Glitter Gel Nail Design

silver glitter gel nail design


Pink Glitter Gel Nail Design

pink glitter gel nail design


Red Gel Nail Designs

Sophisticated and passionate, red gel nail designs portray a daring attitude. The bright red shade is great for when you are going for a date, and you can even mix and match with metallic effects. For a less dramatic look opt for short gel nail designs with a darker shade of red.

Dark Red Gel Nail Design

dark red gel nail design


Red and white Gel Nail Design

red and white gel nail design


3D Gel Nails

3D gel nails will look as if they are floating on top of your natural nails. This effect looks good on medium to long nails because short nails will take the attention away from your fingers. You can add a feminine look to your 3D nails by incorporating rhinestones or cute bows.

3D Crystal Gel Nail Design

3d crystal gel nail design


3D Floral Gel Nail Design

3d floral gel nail design


Funny Gel Nail Designs

Funny gel nail designs are for those who need to depict their creativity. They often feature cartoon characters or funny designs, and you don’t need to be an expert to do these designs it just takes a few tricks to create a funny nail art that makes a statement.

Funny Bunny Gel Nail Design

funny bunny gel nail design


Funny Crystal Gel Nail Design

funny crystal gel nail design


Christmas Gel Nail Art

Celebrate the holiday season by getting Christmas gel nail arts. You will find these nails with red nail polish, snowflakes, deer or even Santa Clause face. Glitters are also part of this holiday so glam up your nails with a unique nail art to celebrate this festive season.

Christmas Snowflake Gel Nail Design

christmas snowflake gel nail design


Christmas Glitter Gel Nail Design

christmas glitter gel nail design


Pointed Gel Nail Designs

From coffin to stiletto, pointed gel nail designs are trending right now, especially for older women. Negative space and swirls will especially make a bold statement, and when you opt for nude pointed gel nails, you will depict a sophisticated vibe.

Colorful Pointed Gel Nail Design

colorful pointed gel nail design


Flower Gel Nail Designs

Flower gel nail designs are for ladies who prefer feminine nails. The floral theme shows innovation as well as a great love for flowers. So opt for gel nails with flowers that have bright colors or mix with glitters to make the design more fabulous. Try different flower patterns that complement each other.

Fall Flower Gel Nail Design

fall flower gel nail design


Glitter Floral Gel Nail Design

glitter floral gel nail design


White Gel Nail Art Designs

Just like black, white gel nail art designs are classy and elegant. They pair well with rhinestones but just to ensure they don’t dominate, add them on one or two fingers and let the white color be the center of attention. You can mix and match silver and white to create a design that will impress.

White and Purple Gel Nail Art

white and purple gel nail art


Pink and White Gel Nail Design

pink and white gel nail design


Matte Gel Nails

Matte gel nails are a favorite for many women of all ages because they provide a glossy appearance. The black matte is especially a popular request and is great for going to parties, night clubs or even a night out with friends. One of the best matte combinations is gold and black.

Red Matte Gel Nail Design

red matte gel nail design


White Matte Gel Nail Design

white matte gel nail design1


Ombre Gel Nail Designs

If you are a fun of ombre hairstyle, then you also need ombre gel nail designs to complete your look. The best color combinations will tend to include metallic effects such as gold or silver. They look so stunning that your friends will be asking you where you get your nails done.

Ombre White Gel Nail Design

ombre white gel nail design


Spring Gel Nail Designs

Leaves and flowers are spring must have nail art. Instead of the standard white rhinestones why not add green ones at the edge of your nails. With neon pink and orange stripes, your nails will be ready to hit the clubs. If you have free time, make each of your nails to have a different look.

Spring Floral Gel Nail Design

spring floral gel nail design


Spring Glitter Gel Nail Design

spring glitter gel nail design


Holiday Gel Nail Art ideas

You will fall in love with holiday gel nail art especially the ones that integrate different patterns. A combination of nude with floral decals will make your nails different and beautiful. Nude nails have a certain elegant quality that makes them look fragile yet chic. Almond shape black and white designs will also look amazing.

Summer Holiday Gel Nail Design

summer holiday gel nail design


Summer Gel Nail Designs

Summer is the ideal time to experiment with various patterns and bold colors. For corporate events combine black and white while for a day out in the mall opt for silver and baby pink in bold patterns. Silver and pink will also complement each other and are perfect for summer.

Summer Pointy Gel Nail Design

summer pointy gel nail design


Wedding Gel Nail Designs

It is hard to mention wedding gel nail designs without mentioning French tips. The classic white French tips are a favorite for many brides because they compliment any gown color and scream elegance. Nude and glitter tips will also look stunning.

Wedding Acrylic Gel Nail Design

wedding acrylic gel nail design


Gel Nails Uniqueness

Gel nail designs are done just like regular nails; however, they can last longer because they are cured under UV light and have a natural glossy appearance.

From stiletto nails to those with 3D effect; various gel nail designs will meet your lifestyle needs and preference. They are durable and ensure your nails are chip free. So whether you prefer long or short nails, there is a gel nail design that will look good on you and complement your outfit.

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