Talon nails continue to fascinate us with their long, pointy, glitzy glam. Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Khloe Kardashian and many other celebs can be seen wearing them. We were completely amazed when we saw Katy Perry flaunting her long, stiletto nails. We quickly decided to give these claws a try and why not, when others are busy instagramming about them. We thought they might look odd, but these extensions were shaped and filed down, until they appeared as part of our nails.

We were amazed at the transformation brought by talon nails. Our fingers felt more delicate, feminine and simply fab. What excited us further is how much more we could do with these stylish talons. Here are a few interesting nail art ideas that you can try too!

Glitter Talon Nail Design

Glitter Talon Nail Design Source

Add some sparkle to your nails to shine in the parties. The glitter gradient effect is simple to achieve, but looks very pretty. Start by applying a base coat of transparent color and then paint with a glitter polish on the top half of tips. You can use a tape cutout to get the desired shape

Stiletto Nails With Rhinestones

Stiletto Nails With Rhinestones Source

Rhinestones are another great way of adding sparkle to your nails. They look perfect on stiletto nails. Fashion them the way you want and rock the show. You can use a toothpick to stick different types of stones over a base coat.

Short Talon Nail Art

Short Talon Nail Art Source

Try this seasonal nail art with gel paint and nail stickers. Use golden color paint as a base coat. Apply tiny leaf stickers and seal it with another coat of paint. Your short talon nail art is ready for the fall.

Black Talon Nail Art Idea

Black Talon Nail Art Idea Source

Black claws with studded stones can make a bold style statement. You can use rhinestones of different shapes for added interest. Paint your accent nail in white to achieve this monochrome nail design.

Pink Long Talon Nails

Pink Long Talon Nails Source

Stiletto nails done in pretty pink work well for any occasion. You can leave it at that or go for a dark colored pattern over it. Use a bobby pin or toothpick to create a simple design on your ring finger nails. You may also See Hand Painted Nail Art

Red and Green Foil Nails

Red and Green Foil Nails Source

Foil nail art is pretty easy and adds a colorful, glossy texture to your nails. Paint with a base coat and let it dry completely before applying the foil. Tidy up the sides using a cotton swab and seal it with a top coat.

Valentine Nail Art Design Idea

Valentine Nail Art Design Idea Source

What’s better than hearts, red color and shimmer for valentine nail art? Combine these three and you have a sweet idea for your lovely day. You can easily create these little hearts with a pin.

Cute Talon Nail Art Idea

Cute Talon Nail Art Idea Source

Try something different like letters or tiny monster faces designed over your nail paint. This idea sure looks cute and attracts attention.

Beautiful Marble Nail Art

Beautiful Marble Nail Art Source

Marble nail art not only looks trendy but is also creative and fun. Make patterns in water with different colors using a toothpick. Submerge each of your fingernails in water, until it gathers the polish. Let it dry and finish it off with a top coat.

Pink Color Pointy Nails

Pink Color Pointy Nails Source

Pink is perfect for any season and it suits all skin types. A simple matte pink colored nail polish on your long claws looks elegant. You can go for gel nails to create a glossy texture.

Grey Color Talon Nail Art

Grey Color Talon Nail Art Source

Blue Color Talon Nails

Blue Color Talon Nails Source

Cool Claw Nail Design

Cool Claw Nail Design Source

Pretty Talon Nail Art Idea

Pretty Talon Nail Art Idea Source

Old Fashioned Glitter Nail Design

Valentine Nail Art Design Idea Source

Simple Hand Painted Nails

Simple Hand Painted Nails Source

Bright Blue Painted Nails

Bright Blue Painted Nails Source

Talon nail designs are a great way of expressing yourself. You can flaunt your attitude in style. In case, you don’t have one, you will surely feel the vibe, when you get them. They bring out the best in you, in terms of your creativity with nail art. If you like these ideas, share your own unique talon nail design ideas with us.

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