In the present age, where everyone seems to be in a hurry, we hardly have enough time to write full text messages. It’s for this very reason that SMS icons are used widely to convey the message fast in a precise manner. The icons are quite trendy especially among the younger generation. Besides, the icons are so dynamic that new ones continue to emerge.

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SMS icons can be composed of figures, mathematical numbers, some familiar punctuations, etc. The icons reduce the size of texting a great deal but at the same time conveying the intended message. These days, most people interact with each other through texting in form of mobile phone or online sms.

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Mobile phones come with some of these icons that you can use to express your emotions in a sms. The icons are quite diverse with each having its own unique meaning. For instance, if you’d like to express a laugh, a wink symbol is all you need to convey the emotion. Conventionally, a heart icon is known to represent love, hence incorporating it in your sms will help express the emotion. On the other hand, if you’d like to express unacceptable conduct, devilish icons can convey the message better.

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