In the age we live in, everything seems to be acquiring the “smart” tag to be trending with the times. Mobile phones were the first victims of this smart generation and now wristwatches have taken on the smart mantle. So what should you be looking for in that Smart Watch?

Built-in Gps Connectivity Smart Watch

built in gps connectivity smart watch


Advanced Notification Watches

advanced notification watch


Motorola Watch

motorola watch


Size, shape and material are always the primary concerns when buying wearable technology. Most of the models on the market today come in a variety of shapes – round dial, square dial, oval dial, etc; and in a variety of strap colours and finishes – from steel links to leather finishes and rubber. A lot of them also have interchangeable straps and frames for the fashion- conscious. Another factor that one should look out for when buying these watches is the usability – as each user may have a different target. Keeping your personal preferences in mind – do check the features on offer. Fitness junkies can check for heart rate monitors, calorie counters, activity stats, etc. while others can look at features like OS compatibility, battery life, water resistance, etc.

Apple Smart Watch

an apple ios watch


Samsung Dial Smart Watch

samsung gear s2 classic1

Samsung Gear S2

LG W100 Smart Watch

lg w100 smart watch

LG W100

Pebble Steel Watch

pebble steel watch


Pebble Red Color Smart Watch

pebble red color smart watch


Sony Smart Watch

sony smart watch


Asus Zen Smart Watch

asus zen smart watch


Beautiful Smart Watch

beautiful smart watch


Samsung Smart Watches

samsung smart watches


Rolex Smart Watch

rolex smart watch


Asus Zen2 Watches

asus zen2 watches


Gorgeous Rendering Watch

gorgeous rendering watch

Luminor Panerai

LG G Watch

lg gwatch


Blue and Stone Leather Loop

blue and stone leather loop1


Gold and Aluminium Case Bracelet

gold aluminium case bracelet1


Pebble Smart Watch for Android

pebble smart watch for android


Advanced Features Watch Designs

moto 360 smart watch

Moto 360

Trendy Apple Watch

trendy apple watch2


Brand loyalists also have a variety to choose from as Apple, Samsung, Motorola and LG are some of the big names that have already launched their smart watches and a few more are lined up for launch soon.

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