There has been exciting new changes and features additions in electronics like television, drones, cameras and many such gadgets which are way beyond the customer anticipations. Robotic and wearable technology advances are grabbing attention of the tech savvy people. Some of the 10 best gadgets in the digital world to be rolled out in 2016 include:

Seamless Modular TV by Samsung


several small screens in this TV are join-able to form large screens up to 170 inches. Each piece can individually be run and the moving modules on the different pieces together create a seamless experience as there are no line breakages.

Futuristic electronic cars at affordable prices

chevrolet volt 5

The electronic cars like Tesla after charting a marvelous hit and successful journey as a clean energy technology cars, has inspired many similar technology cars. Affordable pricing being the 2016 agenda, the electronic Hatchback Chevy Bolt is very comfortably priced and has quite decent features with touch screen system inside the car.

Advanced passenger drones

fov black hawk helicopter 03

The camera drones have completely bowled over the audience in the previous years. These have been tremendously used for investigations, shows, movie directions. The passenger mini helicopters to be launched in 2016 definitely are extremely happening add-on to the already impressive technology which allows flight at a height of 11500 feet for a 30-40 minutes of battery time.

The Movi camera with superior live streaming capabilities

livestream movi camera 0823

This camera can be remotely connected with iPhone apps. The live events can be captured and streamed live over the iPhone with simultaneous editing made possible with the help of the app.

AR/VR Headsets


The hologram 3D projection technology in the newest launches of Augmented/ virtual reality headsets delivers an augmented virtual reality experience to the users. These wireless, user friendly headsets take the users into another world where they can see high definition 3D images of objects, colors.

This interesting technology will now be used by car companies like Audi where it will allow the customers to configure their cars.

Affordable 3D printers on the block for kids


The wireless connection with smart phones, translucent see through doors to view the printing process are some enchanting features of Rever, a 3D printer developed by Qubea to be launched in 2016. This printer uses cartridges for easy application on installation.

Welcome Robot police


Robots which lost the charm for being just usable as a vacuum cleaner at homes have now advanced for transport and also for performing patrolling functions like a police. The segway robots also have a charming personality with a nice face. Some of these robots are also controllable via the smart phones.

Diet sensors which scan food

mgid ao image mtv

The personal doctor type services of Diet Sensors which scans food for nutrition with molecular sensors scio technology to guide the diabetic patients is probably the best 2016 gadget. This gadget categorically suggests the patients whether to have or not have the food to control their weight and is also Bluetooth connected.

The next generation hybrid cars


The modern efficiency of electric energy plug-ins in traditional luxury automated automotive like BMW with petrol engines definitely is increasing in trend as hybrid cars in 2016 as it did in 2015.

Water resistant Casio Smart watches

casio outdoor smartwatch colors

The Casio Smart watches with water resistant technology enables the divers to use this smart wearable device which have inbuilt sensors to check the pressure, tide graphs. Also, it has a direction guiding compass which works under water.

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