One of the coolest posts of the year, we hope it entertains and informs you as much as any piece of well! (written work can do). Have you always been fascinated with 007 or get goosebumps while watching or reading Sherlock Holmes, this post is undoubtedly perfect for you? Before we begin by telling you the top 9 high-tech spy gear, we would like to inform you that the usage can be illegal and unethical depending on how and where you use it. Therefore, take a look through all the below-mentioned items, but try not to invade someone’s privacy.

1. Remote Monitoring

remote monitoring

This wireless audio monitoring device is actually a fully functional power strip. With sound-voice activation feature, you can listen to the conversations in the room with the smartly concealed bugging.

2. Cellular Jammers

cellular jammers


This cellular jammer can easily scramble the cellular signals for up to a distance of 60 feet. The jammer promises to scramble cell signals for 3G, UMTS, CDMA and GSM networks. We guess, we should by no means tell you how useful can it be to take on your evil nemesis!

3. Keyloggers



The KeyKatch USB keylogger works as a connector between the keyboard cable and a USB port on newer computers. The Keylogger software can not just monitor the keystrokes but also the visited websites. The ultimate keylogger program can also send encrypted activity reports via e-mail.

4. Document Scanners

document scanners


This handy and portable document scanner gets the job done quickly without going through the long process and hassle. The DocuPen Xtreme X05 comes with 64MB of internal memory, takes MicroSD cards for expansion, and can perform Bluetooth transfers as well.

5. Night Vision

night vision

The Night Owl 3×50 monocular is suitable for camping, boating and also wildlife observation. Perfect night vision gear for your mission, you can even choose to go between monoculars and binoculars.

6. Aerial Snooping

aerial snooping

Holding a close similarity to the Batman Movie, the Bat (currently not available in the storeS) is a functioning drone that carries earphones, shoots photos and video, and comes equipped with sensors for detecting poisonous gases and radiation. One of the similar and available options is the Spy Kite which lets you click photos from a height of 80 feet and then download them to the PC through USB.

7. Spy Coins

spy coins

These hollow spy coins from the Deru and Sons have been used since the Cold War by spies to transport secret messages or suicide poisons. The spy coins come with a MicroSD card for storing sufficient amount of data.

8. Spy Pen

spy pen

The most commonly heard and seen, the spy pen camera is perfect to record a suspicious situation while not alerting the onlooker because of its regular ink pen appearance. The pen comes with 2.8mm wide-angle camera as well as microSD card slot and microphone.

9. GPS Trackers

gps trackers

The PTXTrak Real-Time GPS Tracking Device sends the location of a car or person within every 10 seconds (if driving) and every 20 feet (if walking), while you watch on a Web-based map. The device can be one of the most discreet ways to track the constant location of the concerned person.

Satiate your inner spy with these cool spy gadgets but remember to keep it safe and cordial.

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