Tags are everywhere, and can be used for just about everything; but they should fit in properly with the style and feel of the project or gift that you are creating. Gift tags in particular should fit the season, whereas clothing tags should fit the style of the brand. This list has put together some of the best tag designs for all kinds of uses in order to help you find the best tag design for you project or creation.

Gift Tag Designs

This set of gift tag designs is a vintage style design that is based on the design of old fashioned post cards. The design uses aged paper with red imaged incorporated onto it to give a hand crafted and personalised feel to any design.

Birthday Gift Tag Design

birthday gift tag design

Printable Gift Tag

printable gift tag

Hang Tag Designs

These hang tag designs are a minimalistic, black and white design that is perfect for using in clothing to display the size and price, as well as materials and other important information about the garment.

Apparel Hang Tag Design

apparel hang tag design

Retro Sale Hang Tag Design

retro sale hang tag design

Vintage Hang Tag Design

vintage hang tag design

Name Tag Designs

This name tag design is a simple orange design with a lace style border around the edge of the area where you can write your name. The name tag carries the line ‘Hello! I’m’ before the area for the name so that it is a much more personable and inviting design.

Professional Name Tag Design

professional name tag design

Colorful Name Tag Design

colorful name tag design

Sale Tag Designs

This set of sale tag designs is a vintage, almost hand crafted design of sale tags, using cardboard backgrounds and printed colours. The design is perfect for retailers to show the price of marked down items, and by how much they are marked down.

Vintage Sale Tag

vntage sale tag

Blank Sale Tag Design

blank sale tag design

Product Tag Designs

These swing label tag designs are simple black designs with purple ribbons and white writing. These designs are perfect for retailers to show information and price of any products, and the colours are totally customisable to fit with your brand. There are many different shapes available for this design, so it is ideal for many different brands.

Product Price Tag Design

product price tag design

Ecology Product Price Tag

ecology product price tag

Product Swing Tag Design

product swing tag design

Price Tag Designs

This price tag design is an online price tag vector that can be designed and customised to fit the design of your company. This design is ideal for e-commerce sites to give the important information about the product that you offer.

Retro Price Tag Design

retro price tag design

Creative Price Tag Design

creative price tag design

Christmas Price Tag

christmas price tag

Bag Tag Designs

This set of bag tag designs are simple yet striking tag designs that use a lot of bright colours in their design. These designs are perfect for bag and luggage designs, as they offer space for you personal information in case your bag gets lost.

Tea Bag Tag Design

tea bag tag design

Paper Bag Tag

paper bag tag

Welcome Bag Tag Design

welcome bag tag design

Clothing Tag Designs

This set of clothing tag designs is a simple coloured piece of card with the image of a woman’s dress on one side, and room for information and pricing on the other. These clothing tags carry a very feminine feel and are ideal for a women’s retail and couture store.

Clothing Hang Tag Design

clothing hang tag design

Clothing Name Tag Design

clothing name tag design

Christmas Tag Designs

This set of Christmas tags uses the design of Christmas baubles to create these beautiful red tags with white snow and white writing. These designs are very festive, and are ideal to create a Christmas feel to any gift.

Christmas Sale Tag

christmas sale tag

Vintage Christmas Tag

vintage christmas tag

Printable Christmas Tag Design

printable christmas tag design

Ribbon Tag Designs

These ribbon tag designs use blue ribbon designs to create these tags. These tags are digital images, and are intended for online use, but can be printed for other use such as banners or for retail use.

Ribbon Hang Tag Design

ribbon hang tag design

Red Ribbon Tag

red ribbon tag

Bow Ribbon Tag

bow ribbon tag

Luggage Tag Designs

These printable luggage tags are ideal for the frequent flier, or for those who have a very simple bag design to prevent the bag being mixed with someone else’s, or to ensure it’s safe return should it get lost. The designs are simple cartoon plane designs with the names of countries and cities.

Golden Luggage Tag Design

golden luggage tag design

Vintage Luggage Tag Design

vintage luggage tag design

Flat Luggage Tag Design

flat luggage tag design

Key Tag Designs

These key tag designs are simple black plastic key tags with motivational quotes in clear white writing. These key tags are quite large, making them helpful when looking for lost keys, but also add a cheery quote into your day.

Vintage key Tag

vintage key tag

Wedding Tag Designs

These wedding tag designs are simple, floral tag designs in pinks and whites, creating a very bridal style. These tags are perfect or save the date announcements, as well as thank you tags and notes to guests.

Flat Wedding Tag Design

flat wedding tag design

Wedding Gift Tag

wedding gift tag

Cardboard Tag Designs

This design is a simple cardboard clothes tag, which is totally recyclable. This cardboard clothes tag is a different design to most other clothes tags, making your brand easily stand out from the rest.

Cardboard Sale Tag Design

cardboard sale tag design

Vintage Cardboard Tag

vintage cardboard tag

Cardboard Price Tag

cardboard price tag

Dog Tag Designs

These tags are created in the shape of typical dog images, such as bones and kennels to create this dog tag design. These cute dog tags are made of stainless steel, and can be printed on to show the owner’s information.

Pet Dog Tag

pet dog tag

Discount Tag Designs

These discount tags are online digital vectors that show how much discount is on an item for sale. These designs are perfect for e-commerce websites during sales to tell the customer how much discount is available.

Discount Price Tag

discount price tag

Discount Shopping Tag Design

discount shopping tag design

Colorful Tag Designs

This colourful pet tag design uses blue and orange paints on a silver background to create this striking design. The clashing colours draw the eye to the tag, and there is space on the back for the owner’s information so that the pet can be returned.

Colorful Sales Tag

colorful sales tag

Colorful Price Tag Design

colorful price tag design

Colorful Blank Tags

colorful blank tags

ID Tag Designs

This ID tag design is a simple yellow and blue design with space for a picture of the employee or guest, as well as their name and personal information. This design is very professional, and is perfect for a business or educational education.

ID Name Tag Design

id name tag design

Blank ID Tag

blank id tag

Flower Tag Designs

This tag design is a beautiful 2D rose on the edge of the tag design, which is then cut around the shape of the rose. This is a very different tag design, and is ideal in use for different retail stores.

Flower Fashion Tag Design

flower fashiontag design

Flower Price Tag

flower price tag

Cool Flower Tag

cool flower tag

We are confident that this list will be able to help you find the perfect tag design, no matter what you will be using it for. We have researched and reviewed some of the best and most varied tag designs to ensure that we have found a design for any need and any tag design.

Why are tags important?

Tags are important in many different respects and in many different circumstances. For instance, pet tags are important in ensuring that a lost pet can be returned home, whereas a price tag is important to inform a customer the price of an item. No matter what the use, a tag is important in getting important information across to someone.

How are tags useful?

Tags are useful to get information to people, but they are also important so that we can communicate this information to a large number of people. without having to repeat the same information to every single person.


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