Tags can have a variety of uses, from brand tags that go together with price tags, to using them as a signage and baggage tags. The sky’s the limit! Here, we show you a variety of hang tag designs you can use to create your own and wow your guests or customers.

Though hang tags or any kind of tags may be small, they have a significant use for both business and personal use, as they give identity over a certain product or mark an object or material with ownership by the mere use of tags.

Hand Tags with Floral Pattern

hand tags with floral pattern

Hand Drawn Tags

hand drawn tags

Wine Bottle Hang Tag

wine bottle hang tag

Creating Your Own Hang Tags

Making your own hang tags can be fun and would also serve as a good hobby. To help you, here are some ways on how to create your own hang tags. Below are the methods you can apply:

  • Using templates. This is the most common method of creating your own hang tag which is to use our templates. This is most useful, especially for individuals who do not know how to use software programs or are not familiar with graphics an designing.
  • Creating one from scratch. You can create your own DIY hang tag for a unique approach. You can place these on your products or just keep them for personal use. However, with this method, you would have to be extremely creative and have a lot of time on your hands.
  • Use the templates to create a better design. Other individuals also maximize the templates by making use of them as references to create better designs. Doing so also helps improve your creativity. You can also use our clothing tag designs as references to help you out with making your hang tag for clothes.

Summer Sale Hang Tag

summer sale hang tag

Vintage Hang Tags

vintage hang tags

Retro Hang Tag Vector

hang tag vector

Variety of Hang Tags

Our variety of hang tag design templates will help you create the designs you need for your clothes, accessories, signage, or any other purposes you may want to use them for. Below are some examples of our hang tag design templates you can download and use:

  • Hand tags with floral pattern. You can often find these types of hang tags used by boutiques that sell women’s wear or accessories. As the name indicates, the template’s design contains floral patterns which would match the boutique’s theme or style of clothes. The template also gives you options to additional details like prices or information about the item.
  • Clothing hang tag. These types of hang tags are specifically used by clothing line boutiques.  The designs contain simple to advanced designs or decorations depending on the brand’s approach, look and mood, or how the company wants to attract their customers.
  • Wine bottle hang tag. You can often find tags like these are used for wine bottles and they are usually attached together with the item’s price. The design for this type of tags are usually have space for you to place images, especially for your company logo or brand.
  • Summer sale hang tag. These types of tag designs are specifically used for summer sale promos done by boutiques. The price tag designs look bright and colorful to represent the summer feel and theme. The template also contains spaces for you to place your prices and additional product details needed to be known by the customer.
  • Vintage hang tags. You use these hang tag designs if you have a vintage feel and theme to your products. The template’s design mainly contains vintage colors or a rustic approach to represent a classic design.

Apparel Hang Tag

apparel hang tag

Spring Hang Tag Template

printable hang tag template

Metal Hang Tags

metal hang tags

Hang Tags PSD Template

hang tags psd template

Where to Use Your Hang Tags

Now that you can create your own hang tag designs, the next thing to consider is where you can use your hang tags efficiently and effectively. Below are a few examples where you can place your hang tags to attract more customers:

  • Place them together with price tags. The most common use of a hang tag is to include them with price tags on your clothes or accessories, which most boutiques do. This is also another strategy for attracting customers and branding purposes.
  • Use them as baggage tags. You can also use your hang tags as baggage tags for personal use or you can even sell them for profit.
  • Use them as a door signage. Almost all establishments uses hang tags as their door signage. One common example are the ones used by hotels. These display different messages, especially for housekeeping to take note of.
  • Use them as name tags. You can also create different name tag designs and use them for different corporate or personal activities you may be doing.

High-Quality Hang Tag Template

high quality hang tag template

Door Hang Tag

door hang tag

Christmas Sales Vintage Hang Tags

christmas sales vintage hang tags

Garment Hang Tags

garment hang tags

Blank Hang Tags

blank hang tags

Dark Leather Hang Tags

dark leather hang tags

Vector Hang Tags & Stickers

vector hang tags stickers

Details Your Hang Tags Should Contain

There can be a variety of details your hang tag will have, depending on where you want to use your hang tags. To properly disseminate information to your customers, you can include these details:

  • Place product details if necessary. It is important for you to be able to provide product details or additional instructions for products that may be hard to use. Placing your instructions on tags will make your product package look more presentable, especially if you want your customers to notice them right away.
  • Include your company logo. You should include your brand or company logo, if possible, for your customers to know the brand of a specific product or item.
  • Place images on your tags. It would be helpful to place images on your hang tags to attract you viewers and keep them interested in your product. Having colorful or unique designs will also help keep your customers interested in the products.

Though the following details indicated above may be applicable to most hang tag designs, there are also some hang tags that do not require such to make them look unique. Name tags do not need much details. All you need are a variety of name tag designs to make them look attractive.

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