Crows are often depicted to be ringers of bad news or bad omen by the Westerns. Irish and English people believe that crows are omen of death, and that seeing a crow is a sign of bad fortune ahead. However, the unpopular truth is that there are actually a lot of different (and good!) symbolism crows have in various cultures.

The Chinese and Japanese cultures, through their myths, see crows in a very positive light. From one Chinese myth, “The Three Legged Crow” the crow turned into the sun, which they note as a symbol of destiny and transformation. Also, Northern Americans believe that crows are spirit guides or prophets in this world. They believe that crows are able to see the future and that crows bring the wisdom needed to achieve real change.

Here are some crow silhouette designs:

Flying Crow

flying crow

Printable Crow Silhouette

printable crow silhouette

Crow Silhouette Vector

crow silhouette vector

Crows Over Tree

crow silhouette tree

Crow on Branch

standing crow

Crow and Raven: The Difference

Looking at these bird silhouettes, more often than not, it gets impossible to tell whether one picture is a crow or a raven. It is not anything new that the two kinds of birds look dramatically alike and are sometimes interchanged – after all, they’re both big and black and are highly intelligent, that telling them apart in first glance would be quite a challenge for any human.

Here are some tips on how to tell the difference between a crow and a raven:

  • Ravens often travel in pairs, while crows stroll in the air in large groups.
  • Notice when the birds are on flight mode—if the tails are wedge-like, it’s most probably a raven; on the other hand, if it’s a fan-shaped tail, it’s a crow.
  • Another thing to notice when these birds are flying? Crows have purple with green-tinted wings in the sun, while ravens’ wings become shiny with blue or purple tint. It’s also good to take note that, feather-wise, ravens have shinier coverings than of crows.
  • If you’re close enough to observe their facial features, the hair atop their bill is a total giveaway on which kind of bird you’re looking at; if there’s no tuft of hair atop their bill, that is a crow, otherwise, it’s safe to say it is rather a raven.
  • Listen to their calls as well. Crows have higher-pitched, nasal sounds while ravens are more baritone and hoarse.

Raven Head

raven head

Crow Icon Silhouette

crow icon silhouette

Halloween Crow Silhouette

halloween crow silhouette

The Color Black

Black cats are also considered bad luck in Asia and in Ireland, mostly because of its color that’s rarely anyone superstitious’ cup of tea.

Some people think that the crows innate color is probably one of the reasons why they are not the one of the well-loved species in the animal kingdom. But whether you’re one of those who have seen crows in a negative light, or have finally appreciated these birds—thank you, Game of Thrones—it can be agreed that crow designs can make a certain impression of wisdom, strength, and elegance.

Plus, when a crow is flying up in the sky, its wings are too aesthetic to go unnoticed. 

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