With their little nightly “whoos” aside, one of the things that makes owls special is their unique structure. It is difficult to see owls often since they have an inverted body clock than most mammals, including humans. However, thanks to their pointed, triangular ears, round body, and little feet, it is easy to identify these nocturnal creatures solely based on their shadow. Because of that, owls have been one of the favorite silhouette templates among animals.

Owl Silhouette Vector

Flying Owl Silhouette

Owls in Love Silhouette

Barn Owl

Uses of Owl Silhouettes

Owl silhouettes tend to appear to be on the cuter and more friendlier-looking side compared to other bird silhouettes. Thus, they are used in many merchandise for children and girls in their early teenage years. But while they are presented as the friendlier, less threatening breeds than monkey-eating eagles, for example.

In the design world They are still seen as a flexible medium. Meaning, they can be presented as cute or as aggressive and feisty, depending how the designer likes it to be. With this kind of androgynous feature, an owl can be of service to any design standard that calls for it.

Here are some examples of projects you can incorporate the owl silhouettes into:

  • Logos – Just like eagles, owls also have the potential of becoming a striking logo design. This is very well-presented in the Owl Head design, with the sharp edges of an owl’s features creating a striking balance with its overall curvaceous structure. Either with an inverted color scheme, or as it is, or boldly any color of your choice, the owl head design is an impressive material to start with.
  • Greeting cardsOwls in Love Silhouette is an obvious taker for a Valentine’s day card design, but it can also be made into an anniversary or your special someone’s birthday card. Just swing in a lovely note inside and the recipient should feel loved up just as the owls on your greeting card’s design.
  • Postcards – Nothing’s better than getting a postcard from the mail. And while postcards are usually sent with familiar photos from which city or country the sender is, the Cute Owl Silhouette makes good alternative for postcards sent between friends across the globe.
  • Coloring materials – For recreation and leisure activities, the printable owl silhouettes and the cartoonized owl silhouettes make perfect coloring materials both for kids and adults. You may work with it as it is, or modify the image (after download) and get rid of the black spaces to create a lighter and brighter-looking nocturnal winged animal.

Cute Owl Silhouette

Owl Head

Cartoonized Owl Silhouette

Printable Owl Silhouettes

These owl designs can be used in just about anything other than those mentioned above.

You can make use of these designs as a cover for notebooks, for a little extra on your paper bags, or even a pin for your collection. These designs may also be modified to your liking, should you wish to add or change the colors in the design. You may also add texts around it to make it more personal.

Check out our tree silhouettes which you can incorporate with the owl designs to create a more realistic approach on your next project.

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