Mermaids have been the most recognized mythical sea creature until today. They are usually depicted as half human-half fish goddesses of the underwater world, with beautiful faces, long luscious flowing hair, and colorful tails. Some artists project them wearing shells for breast coverage, while some, fully naked from the hip upwards with only their hair covering the top part of their body.

Mermaids are famous in folklore and they are, most often than not, associated with flood, shipwrecks, and human drowning accidents. But thanks to children’s shows, they’ve somehow changed the mermaid’s image to a nice, soft-spoken character with a tendency of falling in love with humans.

Check out these mermaid silhouette designs below!

Mermaid Silhouette Clipart

Beautiful Swimming Mermaid

Mermaid Silhouette Art

Mermaid Design Ideas

Here are few tips on where you can use these mermaid designs:

  • Decals – Some of us faithfully believe to be mermaids in our past life because of our overwhelming love for the sea. Let the world know about your inner mermaid as you drive along the streets through improvising these mermaid silhouettes into car decals. You can have it edited with a text that says, “Mermaid inside” too, if you like.
  • Brand logo – How creative would it be if you’re planning to put up a swimming school and have a mermaid as logo? After all, mermaids are well known to be strong swimmers in the deepest parts of the ocean. However, if your business has nothing to do with the sea, let alone mermaids, that shouldn’t be an issue in putting up these mermaid silhouettes into creative brand logos. Remember how Starbucks, a coffee company, nailed it? So can you.
  • Birthday themes – Aside from wanting to be a princess, most little girls dream of becoming a mermaid. Celebrate your kid’s birthday this year with an “under the sea” theme and lessen the hassle by downloading these designs and incorporating it to the invitation cards, loot bags, and other birthday paraphernalia. You may also have the vector image edited into your child’s favorite color, or mix the colors of the rainbow altogether for a more mythical feel.

For other mythical creature designs, feel free to have a stroll at our gallery of dragon silhouettes.

Soide View Mermaid

Mermaid Tail Silhouette

Mermaid Vector Silhouette

Mermaids in Modern Branding

The most famous mermaid logo known today is that of coffee giant, Starbucks. The design sported a two-tailed mermaid, also known as a siren, who in Greek mythology, is thought to lure in sailors to shipwreck in the South Pacific. The iconic mermaid logo was designed by Terry Hecker in the early 70’s to “lure in” customers all over the globe to their coffee. The siren must have lured in luck into Starbucks’ way, as well.

Mermaid designs can be used with an underlying symbolism, simply because the curving strokes in the mermaid’s creative design reflects an attractive woman; it is satisfying to the human eyes.

From Disney’s Ariel in our childhood, to campfire folklore storytelling in our teenage years, up to a coffee company’s logo now that some of us have grown to be caffeine dependent, it is safe to say that mermaids have come to be part of our world.

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