There are a lot of things that a single image of a woman can translate to. While images of women were solely used to symbolize motherhood, childbirth, or domesticity, the gradual global recognition of modern women empowerment has changed the face of the woman today.

A woman’s image now symbolizes influence, power, success, boss, on-top, career-driven, and goal-oriented, among others. At the same time, can still represent love, strength, purity, patience, kindness, and quite possible most of the positive traits found in the dictionary.

Celebrate womanhood and women empowerment today with our women silhouette designs below!

Woman Face

Woman and Man Silhouette

Mother and Child

Woman Reading

Cooking Woman Silhouette

Designs for Different Purposes and Symbolism

Women are widely used person silhouettes because of what they can mean and represent to a different people.

Different types of women designs may be used for different purposes, such as:

  • Standard women silhouette. This type of silhouette usually shows a female’s neck and up. More often than not, these may represent the entirety of womanhood or specific symbolism such as strength and kindness. Or, to simply differentiate a woman from a man in a public ordeal.
  • Women in suit. This type of silhouette usually represents a modern woman—successful, career-oriented, powerful. These silhouettes are mostly used in women-empowering functions and promotional purposes, to say the least. The women in suit design is commonly used by feminists and other people who believe in the equality of men and women.
  • Women at home. This type of design is used to represent motherhood and housewives. It could be a woman cooking a meal, gardening, or ironing clothes, and whatnot. Most of the time, women-at-home designs include a baby in tow which may be seen in birthing centers and maternity divisions of hospitals. Deeper symbolism to this image can include a mother’s love, patience, perseverance, acceptance, and happiness.

Pregnant Woman

Elegant Retro Silhouette

Business Woman

Women Shopping Silhouette

Running Woman Vector

Sitting Woman Silhouette

Women and Symbolism

There are other symbols used to represent human silhouettes far more just the physical attributes.

In general public information, women are mostly represented by the symbol of Venus—the circle with a plus sign below it or as scholars would describe it, “a bronze mirror with a handle”. But while this is true, women are also represented by different things throughout history that may or may not surprise you.

While Christian scholars would agree that the ichthus or the fish symbol is mostly known to represent Jesus, it is actually historically believed to have symbolized womanhood and fertility. This symbol has then been closely associated with the Greek and Syrian goddesses fertility, Aphrodite and Atargatis, respectfully.

Long hair also symbolizes womanhood in history. While a lot of men also walked around with long hair, women always has to have the longer hair. It is said that at the time of rampant wars, women usually cut their hair off to disguise themselves as men. Take Mulan, for an example, a classic cartoon portrayal of the legend of warrior Hua Mulan during the Northern Wei dynasty.

There are still a bunch of other symbols to represent women, but these silhouette designs can be a good start to that.

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