Butterfly silhouette designs are one of the most popular choices in the design world, especially in the tattoo department. People tend to choose a butterfly design for its association with femininity and colors, while others are in for the deeper reasons such as symbolism.

In many cultures, butterflies represent life. There are some groups that view butterflies as symbols for hope, endurance and change. In the Christian community, butterflies represent resurrection. To other religious groups, the butterfly is the soul of one who recently died.

The iconic life cycle of a butterfly contributes a lot to why butterflies are loved and adored more than most of the insects present on the face of the earth.

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The World’s Love for Butterflies

It’s not hard to see why people are so engrossed with butterflies, especially when there’s a bunch of them in an area fluttering in the air. Their colorful and intricately-shaped wings are total giveaways why we enjoy watching them float from one flower to another. But butterflies are naturally important more than their aesthetic value that is undeniably pleasing to the eyes.

Here are a few reasons why the world loves butterflies:

Butterflies are indicators of a healthy environment. If you see butterflies flying around your garden, it’s a positive sign that you are in a livable area, otherwise it’s high time to reevaluate and do something in terms of conditioning the environment around you. When you think about it, if it’s not butterfly-friendly, then it probably isn’t human-friendly as well.

Butterflies pollinate flowers. Just as much as we enjoy seeing butterflies, blooming flowers are a sight to see as well. Butterflies carry the task of pollinating these plants so they can propagate.

A butterfly’s life cycle reminds us of the wonders of nature. The transformation from a larva to a caterpillar to a cocoon to a full-pledged winged creature is textbook knowledge to most of us. But, it has always been a fascinating realization that butterflies undergo massive changes in their appearance during growth period, unlike other animals that only grow in size and develop stronger bones when growing.

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Most Beautiful Types of Butterflies

Butterfly silhouettes make cute designs, as opposed to dragon silhouettes  that depict strength and fierceness. Although actual butterflies are universally beautiful, other types just happens to have wings far more appealing than some.

Here are some of the most beautiful butterflies that have ever flown in nature:

  • Anna’s Eighty-eight. This black and white butterfly usually sports a red coloring on the upper portion of the inner side of its wings. The interaction of the two dominating colors, black and white, form the the number “88” on the center of both the lower sides of its wings. This type of butterfly is usually found in Middle America.
  • Zebra Longwing. The official butterfly of Florida is designed with intervals of black and yellow lines which resembles that of a zebra’s. This butterfly is mostly found in South and Central America.
  • Apollo Butterfly. The white butterfly with eye spots of black and red on its wings are only found in some specific areas in Europe. How the red eye spots, though, differ in appearance depending on which location a particular Apollo Butterfly thrives.

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