Basketball is one of the two most popular sports in the world, the other being football/soccer. Their rankings interchange, depending on which country the survey is don.

Because of its popularity over time, basketball has earned its way to be the face of sports. Michael Jordan, one of the most celebrated players of all time, has become a household name when it comes to basketball that “The Jumpman” logo of Nike for Air Jordan shoes is a silhouette of him doing a slam dunk.

With that, here are other basketball silhouette designs that you may use for your personal or design needs.

Basketball Player

Basketball Girl

Basketball Wall Silhouette

Different Types of Basketball

Contrary to popular belief that there is only one way to basketball—the one we see on TV; have you heard of NBA?—there are actually a lot of variations to play the sport, just like there are variations of dancing silhouettes and not only hip hop or ballroom.

Here are some of the interesting versions of the game:

  • Water basketball. This variation can be referred to as the love child of basketball and waterpolo and is usually played in a wide swimming pool. It was only until 2005 that water basketball was considered a type of basketball.
  • Horse ball. A polo-rugby-basektball combo in one game, this is how the horse ball is roughly described as. The game is played with players riding the back of a horse.
  • Wheelchair basketball. One of the most popular sport for the disabled, wheelchair basketball is for those physically impaired and are in wheelchairs. The basic rules of the game are the same as the common basketball game.
  • Net ball. Formerly referred to as “women’s basketball”, this variation is now open to male players. Net ball’s objective is the same with the basketball we know, to score by shooting in designated hoops. However, instead of five, net ball is played with seven players in a team.

Basketball Silhouette Vector

Basketball Pack

Male Basketball Silhouette

Where to Use These Silhouettes

Basketball is a great way to improve one’s endurance, balance and coordination. Like every other sport, basketball develops values in every individual while playing.

On that note, it is safe to say that these basketball designs are not only useful to basketball fanatics or real life basketball players, but it can be useful to you as well.

You may freely use these designs and other person silhouettes to symbolize something dear to you. For an idea, you can use these to remind you of self discipline and perseverance—something budding basketball players must develop in order to truly shine and appreciate the sport and something we, as individuals, must acquire to achieve our best state in life.

Other life values that are taught through basketball are: respect, honesty, accountability, confidence, and punctuality, to name a few.

For parents, you may use these designs as a creative way of reminding your kids about these important values, post these on the walls of their rooms or on their notebooks, whichever floats your boat really.

Or, make these as stickers to reward your little budding Shaq on a good job at school, or practice, or elsewhere.

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