Which animal can be more Christmas-esque than a deer?

But with its association with Christmas and Santa Claus and a funny assumption of having a red nose on a natural state (hi, Rudolph!) aside, they also hold special meaning as an image of a deer represents freedom, longevity, and solitude. Even the deer’s antlers represent strength, fertility, and power.

Deer are not only popular in the design community because of its symbolic meaning, but also because of its undeniable aesthetic value—the head of the dear is a very common tattoo choice because it’s been said that it symbolizes a person’s appreciation of art, grace and beauty.

Scroll down for some editable deer silhouette designs which you can download from our website!

Deer Head

deer head

Antler Silhouette

antler silhouette

Deer and Tree

deer and tree

Deer Buck Silhouette

deer buck

Baby Deer Silhouette

baby deer silhouette

Deer Designs

Unlike elephant silhouettes which embody strong, protective symbolism in design, deer come in the softer side of the spectrum as they represent gentleness and kindness, true to the characteristics of the actual animal.

Here are some types of deer designs you may be interested in:

  1. Doe – a doe is a female deer which runs lightly and fast like an arrow; most people who associate themselves with the doe are said to be those who “chase wisdom”. A doe also represents grace, wisdom, gentleness, and femininity.
  2. Deer antlers – deer antlers, aside from mentioned in the introduction, represent resurrection. This symbolism is inspired by the ability of deer antlers to grow back after falling off. This design is well-loved by people who’ve gone a lot in life but has managed to rise above the challenge.
  3. Deer heads – probably the most popular design of a deer and are usually are made up with a watercolor effect or stenciled design. Deer heads represent strength and power since in some cultures, deer are considered to be the kings of the animal kingdom.

While deer can mean soft and kind or strong and powerful, it is undeniable that deer are one of the animals with the highest aesthetic value, not only because of their intricate antlers, but in their overall structure and features, which makes them a favorite in the design community.

Deer Hunting

deer hunting

Deer Silhouette Vector

deer silhouette vector

Deer Clipart

deer clipart

Deer Family

deer family

Deer Fighting Silhouette

deer fighting silhouette

Easy DIY Framed Painting

One of the easiest do-it-yourself project with a deer silhouette is a framed painting.

Follow these steps and make any room in your house a little bit fancier:

  1. Print out your favorite deer silhouette from our gallery. You can choose how small or big you want your silhouette to be.
  2. Glue it on top of a hard material, an illustration would work best. Cut it into shape.
  3. Place the shape on top of a blank canvas and secure with with tape underneath.
  4. Spray the entire surface. Then, let it dry.
  5. Once it’s dry, remove the shape-maker and reveal your very own silhouette painting!
  6. We suggest to finish your DIY project by framing it to keep the paint intact longer.

It’s so easy to do, and you can do it with other silhouette designs you like. We highly recommend the cat silhouettes!

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