If you’re a photographer or even a videographer, then you have probably heard of the term post-processing—the process done to a photograph or video for the enhancement of its quality. This is also done to correct certain aspects that could not be done during the actual shoot.

While many photographers rely on Adobe Photoshop and some Photoshop styles to get the job done, some may find this slightly complicated and time consuming. This is precisely why Adobe provided them with Lightroom, a more convenient software to make enhancements on photos. For those who want to edit pictures on-the-go, you may refer to our list of the best photo editing apps for Android devices.

On this page, we list down some of 2017’s best Lightroom presets you can download for free. We believe that you should give these presets a try, so start scrolling down!

Film-Inspired Lightroom Preset


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If you want to give your images a vintage film-inspired look, with slightly washed out colors and higher brightness level, then download this Lightroom preset. It will make your images more dramatic. When applied, this preset will lessen the color saturation and place more emphasis on the blacks and the whites on the image; thus, taking advantage of the shades and glares to make the image stand out from its background. For ideas on what’s popular in photography over the recent months, check out our list of photography trends for 2017.

Cinematic HDR Lightroom Preset


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Apply this Lightroom preset to your images and see an ordinary picture transform into a cinema-inspired image with its high-quality HDR effect. This preset is perfect for landscape photos where a lot of greens and blues are involved. It can even help in bringing more life to the image by making its features even more detailed and emphasized. Download this preset and give it a try on your pictures of nature.

Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset


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Vibrant Colors HDR is a free-to-download preset for Adobe Lightroom and is also called the “Too Much Color” preset. This preset is the ideal choice for fixing those beautifully-taken photos that are slightly unsaturated, since it is able to add a lot of color and also increase its dynamic range. For photos with dull colors, this preset may be the solution; however, when applied to photos with already strong colors, then this will only likely make the image look harsh on the eyes.

Vibrant Landscape Lightroom Preset


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Vibrant Landscape is an Adobe Lightroom preset that will help make the colors of your landscape photos become more vibrant and full of life. This preset is downloadable for free and anyone with stable Internet connection will be able to download this for themselves. This preset works best on photos that lack saturation and need to have more life on them. But be careful when using this on saturated photos, because this will only make the colors harsh and less appealing.

Autumn Landscape Lightroom Preset


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This free-to-download Lightroom preset can help in increasing the autumn colors of the photos. This preset is perfect to apply to nature photos, especially those inspired by our list of nature photography ideas, taken during the fall season. Autumn colors include red, yellow, orange, pink, magenta, and brown. When this preset is applied to a photo, it will enhance the saturation of those colors, thus, making them stand out from among the other elements on the photo.

Sharp Pop Lightroom Preset


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This free Adobe Lightroom preset is the best choice to enhance the colors in your dull-colored photos. It adds a certain amount of saturation to the image to help it become more appealing This preset also sharpens the photo to enhance its overall quality. Those stock photos you have that look slightly washed out or lifeless will benefit from this awesome preset.

Light Leak Lightroom Preset


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Light Leak is a downloadable Lightroom preset that doesn’t exactly do something to the photo as a whole or even change its color scheme. This preset simple lets you give an artificial light leak effect to your photos to make it seem that a glaring light source is present when the picture was taken. While this preset works well on any photo, it works a whole lot better when combined with vintage effects. Our list of the best ideas for portrait photography will prove useful here.

August Sunset Lightroom Preset


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If you have vintage photography ideas in mind, then the August Sunset Lightroom preset is what you are looking for. This is a free, downloadable preset for your Adobe Lightroom that boosts the yellows on your photo, giving it an almost sepia look. Because of this change in the color scheme, your images will appear like it was taken during the mid-fall season in August, thus the name. This Lightroom preset also has amazing shades to make not only specific features on your photo to standout, but the whole photo in general.

High Contrast Black and White Lightroom Preset


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High Contrast Black & White is an Adobe Lightroom preset that you can download for free. This converts your colored photos into a black and white image with a high contrast. The preset works very well with a wide variety of photos—from portraits to landscapes. Use this on any photo, ranging from portrait images of people to landscape images of nature, or even those inspired from our list of black and white photography ideas. This preset is flexible enough to adapt to any kind of photo.

Strong HDR Lightroom Preset


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Give your photos a strong, high-quality HDR effect with this preset to make it look like it was taken by a professional photographer using a very expensive camera. Simply download this file, set it as one of the presets for your Lightroom, and apply it on your photo. In just a single click of your mouse, you will be able to enhance the quality of your image to a great extent.

Trey Ratcliff Lightroom Preset


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With Trey Ratcliff’s Lightroom presets, there are paid ones that will give you a lot of different choices for effects intended for specific photos. There are also a package you can download for free. With these presets, you can enhance the quality of your images to a great extent with just a click of the mouse button, and give the photo the impression of being professionally shot and edited.

Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset


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As the name suggests, this Lightroom preset is intended to give an image an elegant faded effect. With this preset, the picture is slightly desaturated and brightened, the contrast is lowered, and the blue level is given more emphasis. Using this preset will make your image look elegant and balanced by fading the areas that are too glaring.

Faded Film Look Lightroom Preset


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The Faded Film Look is an Adobe Lightroom preset intended to make your photos have a vintage appearance by increasing the brightness, decreasing the contrast, and slightly adjusting the color levels to make it lean more towards the yellow tint.

Color Love Lightroom Preset


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The title says it all, this Lightroom preset is perfect for those who love colors and want every shade of color to stand out in a photo. Get inspired with our list of landscape photography ideas, and with just a click of the mouse, see your image explode with vibrant colors like you’ve never seen before.

Bold Film Lightroom Preset


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Give your boring and dull photos life with this film-look inspired Lightroom preset. After applying this to your photo, you will notice a lot of changes with the most noticeable being the bluish tint, and the increased contrast and brightness.

Another World Lightroom Preset


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For your photos inspired by street photography ideas, enhance them with this HDR-inspired Lightroom preset. These presets work ideally on images with a lot of textures and other details. If you find the effect too much after applying the preset, then simply tweak the brightness and the contrast according to your preference.

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