A portrait photograph is a photograph that captures a person or a group of people. The object behind portrait photograph is to capture people and personalities. Sometimes portrait photographs also capture stories and emotions. But that doesn’t come very easily to every photographer. Sometimes it is a simple photograph that can have a higher impact than a photograph with technical superiority. If you are interested in this art we have few ideas that would help you come out with beautiful portrait photographs.

1. Upside Down

upside down

upside down1

Break the monotony by taking an upside down portrait image. When you shoot your subject at this angle not only it brings out an interesting shot but also an interesting perspective. The photograph given here wonderfully captures the subject in the upside down angle. Had this photograph been taken in convention portrait style there is no way the hair detailing would have come out so well and beautiful.

2. Motion in the Background


We know photography is generally perceived as static but sometimes adding a motion to the image adds a depth to the photograph. A motion in the background adds a lot of playfulness and emotion to the photograph.

3. Play with Light and Shadow

play with light and shadow

Playing with light and shadow in portrait photography can make your subject stand out. It brings an edge to the photograph and also sometimes make it more intense. You can add a lot of drama to your image by adding shadows to it.

4. Use a Textured Background

use a textured background

use a textured background1

Natural texture provides a realistic aspect to the photograph. A textured background can sustain the onlookers’ attention for a longer period of time. Using texture as an element in the photograph certainly bring more layers to it.

5. High Angle Shot

high angle shot

high angle shot 1

High angle shots are also different from the usual shot as the photographer captures the subject from a high angle. These pictures can make the subject look much more intense and capture a well-focused picture.

6. Create a Frame

create a frame

create a frame 1

When you include a frame in your image, you immediately draw attention to the element covered within the frame. Framing acts as an interesting prop to the photograph and gives a depth to the image. Door and windows are the most common tools that photographers use to frame their subjects.

7. Dramatic Background

dramatic background

Instead of capturing a subtle simple background one should try and look for a background that is loud and can pop out. Sometimes it is the dramatic background that helps to make the subject stand out.

8. Capture Expressions

capture expressions

capture expressions 1

Instead of a regular smile that we see in most of the portraits try and capture extreme emotions. Make your subject experiment with various expressions. Capture those expressions to bring out the true essence of the photograph.

9. Avoid eye-contact with the subject

avoid eye contact with the subject

avoid eye contact with the subject 1

When the subject is looking at something other than the camera it creates an interesting shot which has an essence of candidness in it. The direction of the eyes of your subject can impact the image in many ways. You can make the subject look off the camera or look off the camera but at something within the frame. This helps in creating a relationship and a story in the photograph.

10. Add a prop to the subject

add a prop to the subject

add a prop to the subject 1

Adding a prop brings another point of interest in your photograph other than the subject itself. When a prop is included in a photograph along the subject, another layer of depth is added to the overall picture.

11. Avoid Posed Shots

avoid posed shots

avoid posed shots 1

We know these are the most common shots when it comes to portrait photographs and that is the reason we are asking you to avoid such shots. Not all subjects can be captured well in a posed shot. For instance, when you are shooting a picture of your kids it is best to keep the picture candid. Try and capture an image where the subject is more at peace or in a natural state.

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