Photography has many different aspects and many designs focus on thing through a different environment. Taking photos fully submerged in the water is not as easy as it might look and that makes the outcome even more precious. Every model life or inanimate takes a different look underwater adding a new perspective to the art of photography. If you want to find out more about underwater photography ideas then keep reading for our beautiful design collection.

Underwater Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an art of its own but it takes a complete makeover in an underwater environment. Choose carefully the setting taking into account the brides dress and the positioning for stunning results along with creative underwater photography designs.

Underwater Pre Wedding Photography

underwater pre wedding photography

Underwater Wedding Couple Photography

underwater wedding couple photography

Underwater Baby Photography

Babies tend to feel like home inside the water making ideal models for underwater baby photography. Babies don’t follow instructions so you have to be ready to take multiple pictures in order to catch the most stunning looks of the babies.

Underwater Small Baby Photography

underwater small baby photography

Underwater Smiling Baby Photography

underwater baby girl photography

Underwater Nature Photography

Underwater nature photography has a certain level of charm that will show up in your camera’s lenses with incredible clarity. Make sure to set your camera to the brightest flash mode to get all the beautiful colors and details you can.

Underwater Colorful Nature Photography

underwater nature photography1

Lake Underwater Nature Photography

lake underwater nature photography

Underwater Portrait Photography

The water acts as a medium bringing out certain characteristics of models facial features that would not be visible in natural light. The best time of the day is in the morning and late afternoon where the light is plenty.

Black and White Underwater Baby Portrait Photography

black and white underwater baby portrait photography

Underwater Girl Portrait Photography

underwater girl portrait photography

Underwater Woman Portrait Photography

underwater woman portrait photography

Underwater Fashion Photography

The fashion industry is always interested in new concepts and fresh ideas. Underwater photography can make a fashion item to look different while at the same time enhancing its colors. Get to know your model before you proceed for successful results.

Underwater Fashion Girl Photography

underwater fashion girl photography

Underwater Modern Fashion Photography

underwater modern fashion photography

Underwater Woman Fashion Photography

underwater woman fashion photography

Underwater Engagement Photography

In engagement photography you need to get an environment that looks stylish and elegant. You can choose a space with clear waters that will add clarity to the photography or natural spaces with natural environment for extra dose of character.

Cool Underwater Engagement Photography

cool underwater engagement photography1

Underwater Wildlife Photography

Underwater wildlife has a mesmerizing quality that draws everyone’s attention. Some subjects might exude intense feelings with aggressive looks while others give a serene design that can add extra charm. Getting familiar with the creatures will help more for excellent photography.

Underwater Wildlife Nature Photography

underwater wildlife nature photography

Underwater Wildlife Animal Photography

underwater wildlife animal photography

Underwater Mermaid Photography

What is real and what is not will be up to the viewers to decide. However taking photos of mermaids underwater adds a magical element to photography. You can choose a stunning setting with extra space for a long tail.

Underwater Girl Mermaid Photography

underwater girl mermaid photography

Underwater Breathhold Mermaid Photography

underwater breathhold mermaid photography

Underwater Wave Photography

Underwater waves can have the same intensity as those above water surface giving you stunning results in photography. You can take incredible photos of underwater waves though you have to be patient for the moment it will occur.

Blue Wave Underwater Wave Photography

blue wave underwater wave photography

Underwater Maternity Photography

Capture the sweet moments of maternity with a stylish underwater photography. The water aids as a great help to achieve creative poses from the pregnant models without any danger for their health. Let the water do its magic and snap away!

Classic Underwater Maternity Photography

classic underwater maternity photography

Whether you are making a living out of photography or you want to learn how to do it as a hobby here are a couple useful pointers. Practice at home and in general out of the water first. Learn how to view your models with close-up photos until you are satisfied with the result. Underwater, approach your models as close as possible and focus before you actually take the photo while setting the highest resolution.

Underwater photography can give you many stunning designs that can be used for many projects as well as to enhance your portfolio. You can experiment on your own with underwater photos and with various filters for special designs like black and white photography that will add character to the models.

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