A wedding is a monumental event shared by two people in love, who then share that love with their family and friends in a formal ceremony. For most people, planning a wedding takes months and even years to prepare. The time leading to the big day is all a big ball of stress and excitement rolled into one. The most awaited day arrives, and everything is a dream.

What’s so great about this dream is, we can always relive them. We take photographs, document videos, and save them in an album or device to make cherished memories tangible and real. If you’re sentimental like us, you’d want your wedding albums looking their best to capture the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take that trip down memory lane as you dress up your albums with our beautiful designs.

Wedding Album Cover Design

Wedding Photo Album Facebook Cover Template

wedding photo album facebook cover2

Wedding DVD Cover with Disc Label

wedding dvd cover with disc label

Vintage Wedding Album Design

Elegant Vintage Wedding Album

elegant vintage wedding album

Vintage Wedding Album Template

vintage wedding album template

Square Vintage Wedding Photo Album

vintage wedding square photo album

Wedding Photo Album Design

Fresh Wedding Photo Album

fresh wedding photo album1

Summer Wedding Photo Album

summer wedding photo album

Wedding Photo Album

victoria wedding photo album1

Classic Wedding Album Design

40 Pages Classic Wedding Album

40 pages classic wedding album

Minimalist Wedding Photo Album

classic wedding photo album

Elegant Wedding Album Design

Elegant Wedding DVD Cover

elegant wedding dvd cover

20 Pages Elegant Wedding Album

20 pages elegant wedding album

What Makes Wedding Albums Special?

Weddings are landmarks in a people’s lives. It’s a milestone that is reached by two people in a relationship, and one that should be treasured forever. If you’re wondering what’s so special about hiring professional photographers and making wedding albums, you’re about to find out there’s more to them than pure sentiment.

  • Photographs are constant. They’re among the few things that never change. Although it would be ideal and even convenient to save image files from your wedding on your computers, you can never tell for sure how long it’s going to be there. Corrupted files, system malware, or simply an evolving technology—these are only some of the things you can’t always control. When everyone’s busy putting their lives on their smartphones, go traditional and save actual photos you can literally hold in your hands no matter how many years have passed.
  • Albums are keepsakes for future generations. Albums and framed photographs of your past experiences are something you can pass down to your children, your grandchildren, and the generations to come. Photos are memories you can leave behind and share with the people who would have liked to know who you were then.
  • Wedding albums tell a story. Your wedding album narrates the story of your big day. They capture the moments, gestures, and emotions you weren’t quite able to put into words then. It’s easy to forget the kind of flowers you had for your bouquet or the songs played by the band, but you will always remember the feelings and emotions that accompanied every moment. Those can only ever be captured in photographs.
  • Wedding albums show the personality of their owners. Your wedding album can express how unique your wedding day was because they are composed of special moments shared between you, your spouse, and everyone present. That’s not something that can be replicated in any other wedding. Themes may be common but they’re only ever brought to life by the people who were there to experience it.

Wedding albums have a way of preserving memories and that’s something you shouldn’t miss out on. Decorate your home and office spaces with photographs on your walls and beautifully designed wedding albums. Although it’s good to keep backup files on a flash drive or CD, but photos in devices should be just that: back-up. Put the real thing out on display. Beautify your home with memories and remind yourself of every good thing you’ve experienced in life.

Themes for Wedding Albums

Incorporating themes on your wedding album is always a fun activity. You can amplify your wedding day feels by designing your album with your wedding theme. Or you can go for a new theme that complements your photos well.

  • Elegant Wedding Album Design – An elegant wedding album is simple and subtle. Your motif is refreshing and pleasing to the eyes. Color palettes are not too loud nor too dull. They are just enough to show a hint of spontaneity. You can have classic patterns for borders and background for your photos.
  • Vintage Wedding Album Design – A vintage album designs can be a little daring while being completely classy. They have an antique, shabby chic quality to them that makes for a timeless wedding memento. You can make use of vintage fonts to label your photos and adorn your album with romantic quotes.
  • Spring Floral Wedding Album Design – A spring summer wedding is perfect for floral and pastel. They give off a sweet and romantic vibe to an already romantic occasion. Dress up your wedding album in pastel backgrounds with flowers painted in watercolor. Make it surreal by adding dried flowers and leaves along your floral patterns.
  • Beach Wedding Album Design – A beach wedding is something most couples dream of but few only ever get to actualize. Relive the moment with tropical images and patterns, and the stunning beach sunset as a background. Add in a few quirky designs like starfishes and seashells to keep the energy light. You can even include your beach wedding invitation to make it feel more nostalgic.

Photobook Wedding Album Design

Photobook Wedding Album PSD

photobook wedding album psd

Vintage Floral Photobook Wedding Album

vintage floral photobook wedding album

Pre Wedding Photobook Album

pre wedding photobook album

Square Wedding Album Design

Minimalist Square Wedding Album

minimalist square wedding album

Square Wedding Photo Album

Landscape Wedding Album Design

A5 Landscape Wedding Album

a5 landscape wedding album

Landscape Wedding Photo Album

landscape wedding photo album

Wedding Album Design PSD

Wedding Album Template PSD

wedding album template psd

Professional Wedding Album Design

Wedding Magazine Album Design

Black and White Wedding Photo Album

wedding magazine photo album

Types of Wedding Albums

The presentation of your wedding albums is not just about the themes you incorporate. There are multiple formats you can try out that can best bring out your theme and the overall emotion that exudes from your photos. Think about how your ideal wedding album would look like and try out different formats to see what inspires you most.

  • Landscape Format – A landscape format for your wedding album can provide a wider angle for your photos, making them more panoramic and spacious. Using a landscape format would, of course, be ideal for landscape photography. That may not always be the case for all of your wedding photos, but it opens up a lot of room for artistry on how you make good use of your space for portraits and other designs.
  • Square Format – A square format for your wedding album is certainly refreshing to the eyes. It’s a unique layout for an album and can be quite tricky to balance out space with your photos. A square format is definitely reserved for the quirky and daring type who want their albums as one of a kind as their wedding. Luckily, there are awesome square patterns you can make use of.
  • Black and White Format– Having your album completely in black and white is quite a bold move. Black and white photography is a skill not all photographers have so you may want to orient yourself with black and white photography ideas to make sure you’re making the right decision. This is not to say the lack of color makes for dull, lifeless photos. It’s quite the opposite actually. Black and white photos are somehow more profound and subtle in elegance. If you’re up for a B&W wedding album, equip yourself with the right photographers and creative materials to best tell your story.
  • Minimalist Format – Minimalism keeps your photos neat and organized while still being warm and inviting. If you want to achieve a clean and simple look for your wedding album, choose a simple color palette and a delicate border to decorate every page. You can make use of one calligraphy font in labeling your photos or quoting poets. Keep everything to a minimum and let the photos do all the talking.
  • Digital Format – Digital albums are not uncommon in this day and age. Some couples find the digital design process more convenient but experimental, giving them more opportunities to try different designs and redo errors. Moreover, technology allows you to produce multimedia content for your album. You can easily combine images and videos to make your wedding memories come back to life.

There’s so much you can do with wedding photos. You can hang them on your walls, use them as cover photos on your Facebook account, or feature them on your holiday greeting cards. But the best souvenir is the wedding photo album you can go back to again and again to relive one of the best moments of your life. Clothe your wedding photos with beautiful album designs that can inspire and make anyone want to fall in love.

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