Every design or profile is bound to have an introduction before you can look at its main piece of art, which is why being able to create your own cover design is important. In this topic, we show you some cover design templates you can download from our website.

We also give you a brief description on some of the templates available for you to know where they can be used for. In the meantime, you can also check out our website if you need more references to get cover designs for your website, books, social media sites, and magazines.

Book Cover Design

book cover design

Magazine Cover Template

magazine cover template

Travel Tour Cover

travel tour cover

Technology Shop Cover

technology shop cover

Car Wash Cover

car wash cover

Design Your Cover

The main purpose of downloading and using these types of templates is to help you create your own cover design with ease. This also saves you the time you would spend from creating cover designs from scratch as well. Below are a few templates and where they can be used:

  • Book cover design. These are commonly used for book designs where the template lets you feature the main image, and sections where you can write down your title and other details you may want to place on your book cover.
  • Magazine cover template. You can use these templates if you need help creating your own magazine cover. This template gives you the option to adjust the main image, the title, and other details you would want to place.
  • Facebook timeline cover. These are used for Facebook pages where you can place your own customized cover photo. You have the option to place your main image, sections for captions you may want to add, and a section for you to add your username or Facebook name.

You can also check out our website if you want to search for more magazine cover designs for reference or a guide to help you create one.

Health Insurance/ Magazine Cover Template

insurance cover template

Music Party CD Cover

music party cd cover

Wedding Dvd Cover

wedding dvd cover

Album Cover Design

album cover design

Garden Landspace Cover

garden landspace cover

Fashion Magazine Cover

fashion magazine cover

Who Uses Cover Design Templates?

Templates exist to help individuals create a specific design without exerting too much effort and help them save time. Others would want to use the templates as a reference or guide to a specific design. At times, they would also alter the designs to improve creativity and create more appeal. Below are some individuals who use these types of templates:

  • Graphic designers. Graphic designers commonly use the different templates available in their designs so they don’t have to start editing from scratch. This also helps them save time and be more productive.
  • Event organizers. Event organizers also use these to create designs for invitations, posters, backdrops, and magazines. This makes it easier for them to create such without the need of hiring a graphic designer to do the job.
  • Publishing companies. Publishing companies usually have cover design templates ready to be used for requesting authors who need a cover design for their books and magazines. Publishing companies also save time and effort in creating such designs from scratch.

You can also check out our website if you want to check out different types of cd cover designs for your music CD’s.

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