Brochures are important in a company’s arsenal of tools. Brochures help in promoting a certain product, service or promo, thus increasing a businesses’s exposure to its target market. This topic will specifically help you out in finding the best brochure cover design that best fits your needs.

On this page, we will also be showing you a few brochure cover design examples and a brief description on what they can be used for. You can also check out the rest of our website if you want to download and use more brochure designs.

Brochure Cover Vector

brochure cover vector

Travel Brochure Cover

travel brochure cover

Modern Brochure Cover

modern brochure cover

Brochure Booklet Cover

brochure booklet cover

Brochure Cover Page

brochure cover page

We’ve Got You Covered

The main purpose of being able to download your own cover design template is to inspire you create your own brochure cover designs with ease. This also helps you save time and effort in creating such designs from scratch. Below are a few examples of brochure cover designs you can download and use:

  • Travel brochure cover. These templates are commonly used by travel companies and includes details you may want to place, such as information about the company, images of a destination, promos, and contact details.
  • Modern brochure cover. You can use these types of templates if you plan on creating a brochure that focuses more about the products and services of your company. This template would be a perfect fit for big scale businesses wherein the design patterns are mostly abstract and has a formal kind of approach.
  • Brochure booklet cover. These types of template are commonly used for brochure booklets in which the template is set up to follow a booklet style for you to place your images, captions, and other details you may want to place in your brochure. This template is perfect if you want to print your brochure booklet as you are already given guide lines in printing.

You can also check out our website if you want to search fo different types of real estate brochure designs.

Photography Portfolio Brochure

photography portfolio brochure

Camping Poster Brochure Cover

camping poster brochure cover

Real Estate Brochure Cover Page

real estate brochure cover page

Abstract Triangle Brochure Cover

abstract triangle brochure cover

Business Brochure Template

business brochure template

Corporate Brochure Cover Design

corporate brochure design

A Few Pointers…

To create the perfect brochure, you have to take in mind the different details you will include to create a unique and attractive looking one. Today, brochures are used by most businesses to advertise themselves and increase exposure in the market. To compete, you will really need to step up with your own unique brochures. Below are a few details you should keep in mind when creating your brochure:

  • Stick to a theme. It is advisable that you to have a theme in mind before you should even create your own design. Being able to have a theme will let you create your designs quickly and organize the details on the you will place on the layout you thought out.
  • Don’t overdo your designs. It’s perfectly okay to create designs as long as they make your work look unique. However, do not overdo or exaggerate your designs which may destroy the overall look of your brochure and cover the details you may include.
  • Place simple and concise details. As much as possible, place brief information about your company’s products, services, or events to keep your readers informed. It is also advisable to include your contact details in your brochures for possible customers or clients to reach you for inquiries or concerns.

You can also check out our website if you want to check out different types of trifold brochure designs.

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