We all take pictures and videos of memorable occasions in life so we could see it from time to time. A perfect way to preserve them is by storing it in compact discs or as we call it, CD. CD’s have been everywhere for a long time. It is compact for a great reason that it handles large quantities of information like music, videos, files, data even computer software. But how would you know which CD is which without a label?

You’re in luck because we have prepared a couple of CD and DVD designs below to get you started in decorating your own discs. If you need more design inspiration, a collection of Label Designs is available for you to use.

Tea Party CD Label Template

tea party cd label template

Wedding DVD / CD Disc Label

wedding dvd cd disc label

DVD/CD Label and Case

dvd cd label and case

CD Case & Label Template

cd case label template

Corporate CD / DVD Cover and Label

corporate cd dvd cover and label

Compact Files into a Disc

To get your files stored on a compact disc, it should undergo burning. It means to copy or write information onto a compact disc. The time it takes to burn a CD depends on how much data is to be stored and how fast your drive is. There are types of CD’s to consider before you start burning.

CD / CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. ROM stands for Read Only Memory. It simply means once the disc has contents inside, it cannot be re-written. To distinguish a CD-ROM, the bottom of the disc is fully silver. It is difficult to know the difference of the color of the space which remains data-free and the written data section.

CD-R and DVD-R is a writable disc and R stands for Recordable. A CD-R disc can have data burnt to it once only and does not allow for the existing content to be erased from the disc. Any additional content can still be added to the disc until it’s full.

DVD-RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The features of DVD-RAM is that it offers secure storage of data and a few chances of the data become corrupted over time. It also has a lifetime rating of thirty years and users could delete data on the disc.

There is more in store on this website. We have prepared CD label templates in downloadable formats and they are just as good for you to use for your projects and as references.

Wedding DVD Cover & CD Label

wedding dvd cover cd label

CD / DVD Label Template PSD

cd dvd label template psd

Photographer Cd Label & Cover

photographer cd label cover

Graduation Day CD Label Template

graduation day cd label template

Photographer Disc Label & Cover

photographer disc label cover

What are my options for CD and DVD labels?

  • A wedding could happen once in a person’s life. Preserving those memories in a compact disc is a wise choice. If you are looking for a wedding CD and DVD design label, the Wedding DVD / CD Disc Label, DVD/CD Label and Case, Photographer Cd Label & Cover, Photographer Disc Label & Cover and Wedding DVD Cover & CD Label are available to use. These design labels have a photographic finish to it we thought you might like.
  • If you are looking for a specific kids’ design theme with soft pastel colors, Tea Party CD Label Template and CD / DVD Label Template PSD are a perfect choice for you.
  • One of the most special occasions is graduation day. If you want a modern design you should check out this Graduation Day CD Label Template.

  • There is much valuable information to store when you are in a corporate world. If you are looking for a bi-fold corporate CD cover and label, we’ve got one in store for you: Corporate CD / DVD Cover and Label.

If you want more design references, we have come up with samples of product label designs that are editable and are available in PSD, EPS, AI and Illustrator formats.

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