Product labels act as the final call-to-action and the last chance for the marketer to promote the brand against the competitor. Thus, a unique product label is necessary to stand out from all the different alternatives in the shelf. While there aren’t any strict rules to follow here, designers can choose among a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, layout, styling and much more. Overall, it should come out something that attracts, engages and has enough potential to meet the needs and expectations of the buyer. Depending on the industry you belong to, here’s some examples of how different product labels are designed.

Product Label Designs

Generally, products labels should inculcate the several different characteristics that the target buyer identifies him/her with. If it’s a product for a kid, the label is better being colorful and fun. Similarly, if it is targeted towards consumers who justify the money spent, you should be offering something relevant, functional and comprehensive.

Vintage Product Label Design

vintage product label design

Professional Product Label

professional product label

Food Product Label Design

food product label design

Wine Label Designs

Wine would be a product that is generally targeted towards the luxury drinkers. Again, depending upon the type of wine you are selling, you can harp upon the authenticity or the use of natural raw materials. Overall, it should look like a label that can be brought to both romantic dinner tables and serious parties.

Wedding Wine Label Design

wedding wine label design

Funny Wine Label Design

funny wine label design

Beer Label Designs

Think about the people who love to drink beer. They are the general crowd who are not quite concerned about what’s happening around them as long as the feel is genuine. Go for something similar in design!

Craft Beer Label Design

craft beer label design

Beer Can Label Design

beer can label design

Free Beer Label Design

free beer label design

Bottle Label Design

Now, it will be better to understand the product and its target demographics the bottle is designed for. The label design for a bottle of olive oil would be a lot different that if you are creating something for a shampoo company.

Water Bottle Label Design

water bottle label design

Olive Oil Bottle Label Design

olive oil bottle label design

Juice Bottle Label Design

juice bottle label design

CD Label Designs

Again, the choice of design here will highly depend on the type of music you are catering. Rock music fans would love something dramatic while blues fans will appreciate something simple and soulful.

Wedding CD Label Design

wedding cd label design

Church CD Label Design

church cd label design

Honey Label Designs

Honey label designs are mostly about the authenticity of the product. The label should showcase the genuineness of raw materials, probably through a photograph or a message.

Honey Jar Label Design

honey jar label design

Mason Jar Label Design

mason jar label design

Coffee Label Designs

Rich font and natural colors mark coffee label designs. They are mostly about the richness and aroma of the product and a visual representation of the high quality of taste.

Coffee Bag Label Design

coffee bag label design

Soap Label Designs

Beauty products including soap labels should showcase a beautiful and smooth design that meets the expectation with the product to be packed inside. In special cases, you will want to stick to a theme as suggested by the product competitiveness.

Handmade Soap Label Design

handmade soap label design

Vintage Soap Label Design

vintage soap label design

Liquid Soap Label Design

liquid soap label design

Clothing Label Designs

Depending on the demographics and the budget range the clothing is supposed to target, a clothing label should incorporate the use of bright colors along with simple text that is easy to understand.

Blank Clothing Label

blank clothing label

Vintage Clothing Label Design

vintage clothing label design

Cosmetic Label Designs

Another example of beauty product line, cosmetic labels should be about the performance, authenticity and reliability of the product.

Cosmetic Bottle Label Design

cosmetic bottle label design

Cosmetic Balm Label Design

cosmetic balm label design

Round Label Designs

Round Labels are perfect for all kinds of product as long as the packing takes a similar form. A lot will depend on the shape of the package the marketer is trying to sell. Round label has been most associated with vintage products.

Address Label Designs

When it is about sharing the contact information of the business, the label should be minimalistic and focus on the textual content. In most cases, a white label with black standard font does the job.

Return Address Label Design

return address label design

Candle Label Designs

In this case, a lot will depend on how the candle gets packed. You can choose among a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, depending on the precise content it will accommodate.

Fashion Label Designs

Fashionable products, including items belonging to luxury lines, need to have colorful and dynamic labels. Go for bright contrasting colors and the use of pretty graphics to attract the attention of the buyer.

Pet Fashion Label

pet fashion label

Vintage Fashion Label Design

vntage fashion label design

Holiday Label Designs

Running a holiday package campaign? The design of the label should be representative of the fun the potential buyer would have. It’s all about the type of mood you want to create. Luxury vacation labels should look fun and exciting with a jazzy touch. However, if you are designing something for a more spiritual vacation, the label could take on natural colors.

Holiday Gift Label Template

holiday gift label template

Summer Holiday Label Design

summer holiday label design

Holiday Address Label

holiday address label

Vintage Label Designs

Vintage label designs are marked by bold fonts, minimal experimentation in colors – mostly solids if not monochrome and big shapes. The stamp of the date is customary to inform about the several years the product has been in the market and benefitted its buyers.

Vintage Beer Label Design

vintage beer label design

Vintage Canning Label Design

vintage canning label design

Vintage Wine Label Design

vintage wine label design

Shipping Labels Designs

In this case, functionality presides over the looks. Shipping labels should allow for easier categorization of items and thus include big bold font, simple solid colors and a logo that is easily recognizable. Depending upon the package, it might also include the delivery address and similar other details to engage a communication between the seller and the customer.

Shipping Address Label Template

shipping address label template

Juice Label Designs

What’s the first feeling you get when you think about having a glass of juice? Well, it’s freshness. Arguably, the ideal label for a bottle of juice or similar product lines should be representative of the natural richness of the product. Use of bright colors and nature art are among the most prevalent marks. You might also want to include a fun message that encourages the users to drink more of it!

Fruit Juice Label Design

fruit juice label design

Juice Bottle Label Template

juice bottle label template

Tea Label Designs

This is also another product line where the label is highly dependent on the exact product to be sold. Generally, a label on tea related products should harp on the unique taste, means of procurement and authenticity of the product. In a special case, like green tea, you might also want to showcase the characteristics in the label by including a message.

Tea Bag Label Design

tea bag label design

As obvious, product label designs work with a lot of constraints. However, that shouldn’t act as a hindrance to the creativity they can showcase. It is highly necessary to understand the product line, the brand policies and the expectation of the consumers to design the ideal product label.

Product labels act as the last step in a marketing process. They can be understood as the last chance the marketer has to win over competitors. Consequently, the product label should portray the uniqueness of the item while making it a visually appealing design that is good to be taken back home. Take into account the colors, the type of printing, the font, the company/brand personality, the graphics/imagery, the label size, shape, finish, information like barcodes / QR codes and the need to put contact details among others. A neat presentation of all makes the ideal label.

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