Have you been looking for some unique peacock logos? Peacocks are among the most beautiful birds inhabiting this planet. They come with the most colorful and vibrant plumage and are symbolic of beauty, romance, rains, and inspiration. Consequently, they have found representation in several fashion, art, lifestyle, music and even organizational designs. If you look closely at the logo of NBC TV, it’s a peacock in its full glory! Here are some other unused and unique peacock logo designs to use and get inspired from.

Royal Peacock Logo Design

royal peacock logo design

Peacock is symbolical of royalty and sophistication. This logo comes in a beautiful and smooth color gradient and could be yours in just $29. The vector is 100% resizable and scalable and thus can be put into all kinds of materials. You can even use the layered PSD file to customize the logo further. All font files are included in the product for an easy and fast application.

Thin Line Peacock Logo

thin line peacock logo

This is certainly one of the most luxurious peacock logos you would come across. Perfect for all kinds of fashion labels, the logo comes in standard EPS and is yours to customize.

Colorful Peacock Logo

colorful peacock logo

Now, this is a really unique representation of a peacock and its vibrant colors. In the shapes of a bird feather/flower, it integrates a vibrant color chart and will be perfect for companies looking for a fresh and bold logo. The file comes as a vector EPS and is completely customizable and editable.

Beautiful Peacock Logo

beautiful peacock logo

Another beautiful representation of a peacock with a color gradient for the feathers and a sharp silhouette of the bird in front, this looks amazing in both white and black backgrounds. The EPS vector file is completely editable and scalable.

High Quality Peacock Logo

high quality peacock logo

A simple but highly vibrant representation of a peacock, this logo could be a perfect symbol for any brand that stands for growth, co-existence, and glory. The vector file is a plain illustration and doesn’t involve any kind of effect or masking. The logo is offered for both personal and commercial applications.

Abstract Peacock PSD Logo

abstract peacock psd logo

A creative way to bring a peacock design to life, this logo combines colors, patterns and unique symmetry to meet the requirement. The vector is offered in both color and b/w for a range of usage. Further, the fully editable file is accompanied by a font file, facilitating easy editing.

Peacock Art Logo

peacock art logo

Very artfully crafted representation of a peacock, colors finds a fresh and vibrant pattern to represent your company. This logo can be used by any brand that is bent towards arts. Simple yet highly professional, this vector should be an asset to any brand or designer.

Rainbow Peacock Logo Design

rainbow peacock logo design

A highly professional looking peacock logo, this abstract of a design can be the best thing you would have brought off the internet recently! The vector EPS is completely resizable and customizable.

Blue Bird Events Logo

blue bird events logo

peacock Fire Logo

peacock fire logo

Blinking Peacock Logo

blinking peacock logo

Peacock Silent Charm Logo

peacock silent charm logo

Light Peacock Logo

light peacock logo

Peacock Adventure Club Logo

peacock adventure club logo

Peacocks and Lillies Logo

peacocks and lillies logo

King Peacock Logo

king peacock logo

We are sure that you have certainly got what you came looking. Peacock, being the vibrant bird that it is, inspires a lot of designing. Do share your feedback on our compilation.

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