Ankle is one of the most popular place to make tattoo for a girl or woman as the look very delicate showcases the delicacy of the feminine, also it tends to bring the focus easily and easy to show and easy to hide. The perfect place for female to make tattoo is her ankle where she can flaunt her tattoo to her desire.

Colorful Tattoo Design for Ankle

color ankle tattoo


Small Flower Tattoo on  Ankle

small tattoo on ankle


There are several places in your ankle where you can make your tattoo . People usually make their tattoo only on the outer ankle, but inner ankle is also a good position to make tattoo as it gives a dramatic look to your tattoo. Band and bracelet tattoos are popular for men and women and Small, delicate pictures like flowers, hearts, stars tattoo and other girly designs.

Round Tattoos Design for Ankle

ankle tattoos for guys


Attractive Text Tattoo on Ankle

attractive text ankle tattoo


Ankle Sign Tattoo for Women

ankle sign tattoo


Green Color Tattoo Design

green color tattoo


Trendy Ankle Tattoo Design

trendy ankle tattoo design


Key Tattoo Design for Ankle

key tattoo desin for ankle


Fabulous Numbers Tattoos for Ankle

fabulous ankle numbers tattoo


Skull with Rose Tattoo Design

skull rose tattoo design


Wonderful Flower Tattoo

wonderful flower tattoo


Awesome Ankle Tattoo Design

awesome ankle design


All these designs look elegant in one’s ankle and they are more appealing and flaunts the beauty of the ankle as well as woman. So get your tattoos done in your ankle and look beautiful.

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